Wedding saxophonist

A wedding isn’t a wedding without the perfect live wedding band or wedding singers to make it become a reality. If you are thinking about hiring the perfect wedding musician or singer to help build the wedding day of your dreams then take a look through the artists available at Music8. When booking your wedding suppliers like photographers, caterers and especially wedding musicians it’s important to consider lots of options and to book them with plenty of time to spare –Singers and musicians can only work on one wedding a day so make sure it’s your day and not someone else’s. You’re ready to book your wedding suppliers, make sure your live music is the first things you tick off your li

​What should I look for in a wedding musician?
You could add a touch of sophistication to your wedding day and hire a string quartet. It’s perfect for your family and friends while they are waiting for the ceremony to start. A string quartet would also be a good idea for your drinks reception. Another option for a wedding musician would be a harpist which would add a touch of elegance to the occasion.
Other options for wedding musicians are saxophonists; they are very versatile and can perform at the ceremony or later in the evening.

How about a solo acoustic artist

An acoustic artist is a great choice for a wedding, with the flexibility to move from one area to another quickly and being able to set up their equipment in no time. If, you are on a tight budget a solo artist will offer great entertainment at a reasonable price. An acoustic artist will have a large repertoire of songs to choose from covering many genres so there will be something there for everyone. You could even go with an acoustic duo which would involve a guitarist as well as a vocalist.

Solo wedding singer

You can always go with the popular solo singer who would be a perfect choice for the ceremony or drinks reception. There is a vast choice of styles and genres to choose from like opera to pop and rock. They can also perform in the evenings and again with a large repertoire of songs to hand they will provide a great evening’s entertainment. A solo wedding singer will sing with quality backing tracks.

How about a vintage singer

A vintage singer will carry out a stunning collection of captivating classics from bygone ages, along with modern-day classics in a retro Style; these vocalists can construct the best environment for your glamorous vintage-style wedding event. Whether you select the class of the ’20s, the love of the ’40s or the ’50s, a vintage vocalist will wow your guests with a variety of popular retro music, and lots of will even wear the designs of the age they’re representing. You can select from rock-and-roll, jazz, or a harmony trio!

​Ever thought about a singing waiter?

A singing waiter or waiters usually disguise themselves as a waiter serving drinks and food and then when know body expects it they will burst into song and have everybody join in. This usually occurs just after the meal and is a great choice for a surprise for the guests.
These are just a few options to consider when booking wedding singers and wedding musicians there are plenty more options at Music8 Agency.