Folk Bands for Hire

Our roster of bands for hire includes stunningly talented musicians in all genres, including traditional folk bands and Mumford and Sons style wedding bands. Carefully selected and vetted, our acoustic bands are professionals you can rely on to turn up on time, set up quickly, and play one hell of a show. These are festival style bands for hire that bring rustic style and foot-stamping good times right to your wedding or event, whether you are getting married or throwing a party, or both! You can read testimonials by previous audience members, brides, grooms, and party-throwers on the individual band pages, listed below, or watch the video showreels on each band page to get more of a feel for how they perform and what they sound like. Nothing beats hearing and seeing your potential band, so we recommend watching before you make a booking to make sure you hire a festival style wedding band that is perfect for you and your big day! 

Mumford Folk Wedding Bands

Are you looking to hire a Mumford and Sons-style wedding band? Whether you need warm, classic folk for a function or a folk-rock band to get the crowd dancing at a wedding, Music8 Agency can help! Thanks to the success of Mumford & Sons and other musical influences, folk-rock bands are very popular, so there are plenty to choose from – and all the bands play acoustic and electric sets to provide an exciting evening of music whatever your requirements. These bands are ideal for a rustic or festival-themed wedding.

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The Maida Vales
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Mumford Rocks
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The Hustlers
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Cure Band
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Preacher Men
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GB Folks
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Mumford Folk
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The Mechanics

Why Hire a Folk Band for a Wedding?

Our folk bands, indie-folk bands, and festival style bands are fabulous choices for a wedding band – whether you are looking for something your guests can clap along to or some heartfelt acoustic folk to warm everyone’s hearts.

Music8 can provide professional bands wherever your venue is, too, since we have got folk wedding bands for hire all over the country and plenty that will travel wherever you need them. A festival-style wedding is so popular nowadays, whether it is held in a tipi or a rustic barn. Mumford and Sons style wedding bands are now the first choices for a festival wedding, and not only do they sound great, but they look the part too, making them the perfect party band. Performing folk style songs, rock, and pop, and several indies hits, ensuring the dance floor is full throughout.
Organising a wedding is incredibly stressful, and very difficult, and the last thing you want is for the wedding band to add to that stress – that’s why Music8 Agency only provides the best in professional musicians, who will remove the stress of sorting the live entertainment and worrying whether it will be good. All of our folk wedding bands are hand-picked for quality, professionalism, and skill, and we are proud to give them the Music8 seal of approval! Have a listen and learn more about them on their pages.

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JA Band
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Vintage Acoustic
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The Ukes
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The Players
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Cool Folks
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Acoustic Folks
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The Lions
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Vintage Folk
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No Quarter
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The Jacks
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Missing Folk
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Jools Street Trio
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Good Time Irish Band
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London Ceilidh
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Country Folk
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Mia Folk
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The Shamrocks
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The Divide
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The Ceilidh Band
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Roaming Three

Bands for Hire for Events or Parties?

For live events, it would not be complete without live music, but since you are here to find a band for events, you already knew that. Our folk bands are always a favourite for corporate events and functions, with their versatility and talent making them well-suited to the tone of your events, whatever that tone maybe. Don’t just take our word for it, though – watch the band’s showreels on the pages up above for a better idea of what these acts sound like and how they perform – nothing beats hearing it with your own ears!
You will also find that many of these bands are very flexible, so if you are holding your event outdoors, they can become roaming bands. Because they already play acoustically, it is easy for a number of them to roam around and to perform unamplified mingling with your clients. These folk-style roaming bands can be as small as a 3-piece band, but the most popular are 4, and 5-piece bands, and we have one of the UK’s best in The Roaming 5 Band.

Got Any Acoustic Folk Solo Artists?
Not looking to hire a full folk band? We understand – sometimes you need something for a smaller space, something more compact and agile, and something more affordable – and we have got you covered! We have a range of incredible solo artists, as well as duos and trios to suit any venue and any occasion. You can check out the bands above since most of them do solo, duo, or trio work, or take a look at our dedicated singers for weddings and acoustic artists page!

Want Us to Choose the Perfect Band for Your Wedding or Event?
Choosing which folk band to hire can get stressful when there is this much choice. Luckily, we can do it all for you and take the stress out of the process! It’s not just folk, folk-rock, and acoustic either – we have got several genres and all manner of artists to choose from!
Just let us know as much information about the bands you are interested in, about your event, date, location, and budget, and you can be sure we will pick out the perfect folk band for your event and venue without you having to lift a finger.

Contact Us to Book a Mumford and Sons Style or Folk Band Today!
If you want to make a booking for a wedding or event, or you are just looking for more information, you can get in touch with us at any time by filling out the handy contact form on our Contact Page, or by calling us on 07758116749. You can also email on
We look forward to hearing from you!

Other Folk Bands for a Function or Wedding

Ceilidh Bands
Ceilidh is another term for a social gathering held at a hall or community space, and it did not have to involve dancing. These gatherings would allow people to tell their stories, sing a few songs and participate in group dances. A Ceilidh band will consist of a Caller, fiddler, and an accordionist, the caller, will help everyone get into the swing of things and learn the dances as well. A band line-up can add more musicians like keyboards and drums. Check out our Ceilidh bands on their individual pages.

​A Celtic Folk Band
A Celtic folk band will play an upbeat mix of songs, and tunes from the Irish, Scottish, and English folk traditions, with some Americana and world influences.

Folk Bands FAQs

All folk bands and folk wedding bands will have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificates and a portable appliance tested (PAT) certification. Some venues will ask for these certificates before any band can perform there.
The set-up time for a band is around 60-90 minutes which includes unloading equipment, setting up, and a soundcheck. The standard set times for a folk band will either be 2 x 45 mins or 2 x 60 with a short break in between sets. You will also have the option of 3 x 40 mins sets which can be split acoustically and electric for a Mumford style band.
All Mumford folk bands will come self-contained with a PA and additional lighting for the performance area if the venue does not already have any in place. Some bands will also provide a free DJ service in between sets played through their PA system to keep the party atmosphere going throughout the wedding or function.

For example, a three-piece folk band would need around 3m x 3m. This increases by an additional meter for every musician. For example, a four-piece band would need around 4m x 3m and so on. This space is required for their PA, drums, amps, and any stage lighting they may supply. So always check the venue before booking any band and make sure 13 amp sockets are available.

A standard 4 piece Mumford & Sons style function band would be male vocals or female vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, and double bass, and a banjo will replace a guitar for some pop tunes.
If you were to hire a jazz band or a modern rock-pop covers band for your wedding, they would have different instrumentation compared to acoustic Mumford style wedding music.

Obviously, a band performing the big hits by Mumford and Sons and bands like The Lumineers, Noah and the Whale, George Ezra, indie rock and pop songs, and those classic pop hits from previous decades.

​You absolutely can! Every one of the pages for our folk bands for hire (and all our bands like soul and funk, and indie bands, for that matter) you can watch videos of them performing their songs, so you can not only listen, you can see them performing too. We believe that you can’t choose a group with confidence unless you see them performing, so make sure to give those videos a watch, especially if you’re booking folk bands for weddings – it’s important to get the perfect vibe and great live music for the big day from your musicians!

A supply of refreshments for the musicians and a buffet-style meal would be very much appreciated especially if it is a long day, and they are likely to be there for the afternoon and into the evening. Make sure to reserve some parking spaces as close to the venue as possible to save time with unloading their equipment. If you are holding an event or a wedding outdoors, your band will need some cover if it is not held in a marque, like a gazebo, and will need an electrical supply.
Always check to see if the venue has a sound limiter fitted as this may limit the band you can hire.
If, you are planning a festival wedding make sure you book your folk style wedding bands early to avoid any disappointment especially in the peak wedding season of May-September. Prices will vary depending on the size of the band and the distance they need to travel, and in some cases, accommodation may be required, if it is likely to be a late finish.

Yes, we think it is a good idea to speak to a member of the wedding band beforehand to go through any minor details and songs you may like, and songs you do not want to be played.

​Mumford Rocks: were awesome; really added something special to our party! – Google

The Preacher Men: “The musicians played very well and had a great stage presence. I would recommend them wholeheartedly!” Paul, Wedding in London

London Ceilidh Band: They were brilliant – both fun and engaging all evening! They were easy to work with, and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough! Ben 10/10 Wedding

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