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Mariachi Roaming bands are a professional Mariachi band based in London providing the best folk music from Mexico to not only the United Kingdom and its surrounding but to the rest of Europe. Playing traditional instruments such as guitar, bass guitar and trumpet, they can provide the best musicians and singers available to sparkle at your event. The band is flexible with a very wide repertoire varying from Mexican music to modern pop music, which is adjusted into their mariachi style.

About Mariachi

Mariachi is a style of music and musical group performance that dates back to at least the 18th century, evolving over time in the countryside of various regions of western Mexico. It has a distinctive instrumentation, musical genre, performance and singing styles, and clothing.


English Repertoire:
1. Don’t you want me
2. Faith
3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
4. Sway (Spanglish)
5. Twist & Shout
6. Stand By Me
7. Happy – Pharrell Williams
8. Sweet child of mine
9. Quando Quando Quando
10. She bang
11. hotline Bling-Drake
12. Despacito 
1. La Negra
2. Como Quien Pierde Una Estrellas
3. Tequila
4. La Bamba
5. Guantanamera
6. Quien Sera
7. Besame Mucho
8. 2 Negra
9. Barrilito
10. Serenata Wasteca
11. La Bikini
12. Matala
13. Jarabe Tapatio
14. Cuando Calienta El Sol
15. Piel Canela
16. Serezo Rosa
17. Cielito Lindo
18. Cuarto De Tula
19. Chan Chan
20. Desperado
21. Mariachi Loco
22. La Mucura
23. La Cucaracha
24. Quisas Quisas
25.Al Rey

Mariachi band


Mariachi Roaming was very professional and the music played was spot on with what was expected for a romantic birthday serenade for my wife and family. The musicians were very skilled and very friendly, it was a great choice. I highly recommend mariachi Roaming and hope to have the chance to hire them again in the future.

John Breid

“I wanted to let you know how much I and all my guests loved their performance. It was the high point of the party and really made the event special. The music was absolutely amazing- they are consummate musicians. They were also very professional indeed-showed up right on time, started right on time.
If anything, the guys exceeded my expectations. They were just spectacular and transported me and all my guests to a much warmer, happier place for the evening!”  

Susan Welch

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