Roaming Bands

Unlike traditional acoustic artists who set up their gear with their PA in one area of a venue, our mobile acoustic roaming bands are free to roam unamplified from one location to the next. The band can provide table-to-table entertainment and engaging your guests more interactively. This kind of band is usually known as roaming bands or sometimes strolling or wandering bands.

Roaming Bands for Hire

Our selection is the best roaming bands for hire that includes incredibly talented and professional musicians in a range of different genres, from roaming folk bands to vintage and indie bands, acoustic and pop, and even a roaming jazz band– whatever you require in a roaming band, we can help! Carefully chosen and expertly vetted for their showmanship and quality, our roaming bands are professionals who you can rely on to put on an amazing performance for your wedding our event.

When you hire a roaming band, they will not just stand on stage, their specialty is getting in among the guests and adapting to the event as it unfolds, keeping your guests entertained, and making sure everyone enjoys the show, whether you hire a roaming band for weddings, a function, party, or corporate events.

You can read reviews by previous clients who have watched our roaming and wandering bands play before, by going to their individual pages shown above, or watch the showreels of the acoustic roaming bands to get an idea of what they sound like and how they perform. You cannot beat watching your potential band in action, hearing their voices and instruments, and really getting a feel for them, so we recommend you watch them before you book to make sure your roaming band is a good fit for your occasion!

Every roaming band page also has a repertoire of songs on it, so you can see what the band plays and look for your favourites! Our live bands for hire play various genres and styles, so make sure you look for one which fits the event you are planning to throw. You can get in touch to make requests of your bands, too, so you and your guests can dance all night to your favourite songs, or make sure your first dance is to the song you have always wanted!

Get in touch with us today if you like the look of our acoustic roaming bands, and you want to hire one of them – we will be pleased to hear from you.

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The Mechanics
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Bella Acoustic
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Roaming Five
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London Roaming
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Roaming Three
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The Royals
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Funk Brass
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Roaming Brass
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Top Brass

Why Hire Roaming Wedding Bands?

Live music is a special ingredient for weddings. A professional roaming band really can provide that extra something to weddings, making them a natural choice for the bride and groom that are looking for something memorable and interactive to keep their families and friends entertained. We have roaming bands for hire in genres including folk, jazz, funk, pop, traditional, and acoustic, so whatever you are looking for, we can help.

How about roaming brass bands? We have those covered too. A roaming brass band is anything from a trio up to a 10-piece brass band, performing New Orleans to funk and your favourite pop tunes. Music8 can provide experienced, professional bands, wherever you are based, has we have roaming bands for hire all over the UK, and plenty that will travel.
We have provided plenty of wandering bands to enough weddings to understand just how stressful and difficult organising the big day can be. The last thing you need is for your performers to add to the stress – so we only provide the most reliable, professional live musicians, who will take the stress of sorting equipment and worrying about the music, so you do not need to deal with it. All of our bands are hand-picked, and we are proud to give them the Music8 seal of approval! Have a listen and learn more about them on their pages above.

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No Quarter
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Roaming Stars
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The Ukes
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Roaming Souls
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Vintage Swing Trio
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Swinging Roamers
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Mumford Rocks
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Mariachi Charro
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Acoustic Folk

Roaming Bands FAQs

Want us to choose the perfect roaming band for you? The choice of which roaming band to go with can get overwhelming and add to the stress of setting up an event. Luckily, we can take all the hassle off of you by doing all the work of finding a wandering band for you! On our Contact Page, we can take down everything you are looking for, and find the ideal band for your event.
That page is not just for a roaming bands, either – we have got all sorts of genres and musicians to choose from! The feature on the site is especially useful if you are busy and under pressure of finding and vetting bands, or just snowed under by the bewildering range of options available.
By letting us know what you need including your event date, you can be sure we will pick out the most suitable roaming band for your event, without you having to lift a finger. You can find it on the Contact Page.
Looking for a roaming band for a corporate event?
A corporate event needs live music, and great music sometimes needs the freedom to roam around off the stage, explore the crowd and get reactions, and watching and listening to bands roaming will add something different to your event. That is why roaming bands for hire are always a favourite when it comes to a corporate event, with their genre versatility and adaptability making them a perfect fit for almost any corporate events, regardless of scale or tone. Do not take our word for it, though – You can search and watch a roaming band in action on their pages above, where you will find videos of them playing a wide range of songs, so you can see for yourself what they are like before you choose which one would suit your event best. A Roaming New Orleans band is also a great option for a corporate event along with Mariachi bands bringing their blend of music to the event. Check out our Mariachi Bands page for more information.

Got a Small Acoustic Roaming Band?

Are you looking for something a little more intimate? We get it – sometimes you need something for a smaller space, something more compact and agile, and something more cost effective – and we have got you covered! We can provide a great acoustic roaming band, including duos and trios, to suit any venue and any occasion and providing that great live music everyone wants to hear, and reducing the cost to hire. These acoustic bands play background music if required or if you want your band performing more high-energy live music then that is no problem either. You can search out all the bands above since most of them do solo, duo, or trio work, or take a look at our solo acoustic singers over on the Acoustic Artists Page!

A roaming band has one main difference to our conventional bands that sets it apart, and it’s right there in the name – these bands can get down off the stage and wander through the crowd! This makes them much more suited to events with small venues or venues which have no stage or performance space; they are able to roam freely and make use of any organic spaces, finding the best places to play and providing great music while they do it! 

Cover bands like soul & Motown need a stage to perform on requiring plenty of space for their instruments etc. Check out the videos of our roaming bands above, or give us a call to find out more about booking yours for the big event!

​All the Music8 professional roaming bands are experienced in playing weddings and large events, and we are happy to say that our roaming bands are particularly well-suited to the job! If you are having your drinks reception outside, for instance, with a roaming band you do not have a pa system to set up so they can perform anywhere any place.

This makes our acoustic bands perfect for wandering around outside for drinks receptions. They will bring that party atmosphere to your occasion encouraging your guests to join in the fun. If you require a function band then check out our live bands for hire covering music from every genre.

We know how important it is to have everything go perfectly on the big day – and our roaming wedding bands have played enough weddings to be familiar with the snags that can drag performance down on the day. If you cannot choose your wedding band, either through time or having too much else to do to prepare for the wedding, then we’re happy to do it for you! If you are choosing your wedding band here are a few pointers to look out for before booking a roaming band.

Where they are based: roaming bands may roam, but usually that just means around the venue or outside– make sure that the acoustic band you have chosen can make it to your venue on the day! We can provide bands all across the UK, so just let us know where you need the band!

What they can play: our roaming bands range from folk and pop bands to a jazz band, or even a mariachi band, so you are bound to find something you and your audience will love! To make this easier, we have included the standard repertoires of all of our roaming wedding bands on their pages, which you can find above, but they can also learn requests. If you have fallen in love with one of our roaming bands, but they are missing a few of your favourite tunes, just ask! When it comes to live music these bands never disappoint.

What they sound like: how does the band sound? Sometimes, whether we adore or dislike a band comes down to little things like instrument tone and vocal style, so make sure you listen to all your prospective bands before you make your booking. To make this easier, we have put videos of every band on their pages, which you can find above – you can watch them play a medley of songs across a range of styles and watch them move, interact and perform.

Can they be relied on: At Music8 Agency, the answer is always YES. Our bands are hand-picked professionals chosen for talent and flair, but also reliability and professionalism. Whichever acoustic band you choose, you can trust that we will do our utmost to make your day a fantastic one.

Of course, you can! How else would you get a feel for what they’re like? All of our roaming bands pages have a showreel on their dedicated pages, so feel free to not only listen but see them perform!

Go take a look at the showreels for any of the bands you fancy, and then feel free to send us a message on our Contact Us page or give us a ring on 07758116749 to make your booking – but don not hang around too long, these roaming bands for hire book up fast!

Your musicians and singers would appreciate some refreshments during the event or wedding reception, like tea, coffee or soft drinks. Check car parking is available close by the venue.

Prices vary according to the distance they have to travel and the number of musicians in the band. An average price for a trio would be around £900- £1250 for a wedding reception and a 4 or 5-piece band from £1500 -£2200. Mariachi bands can cost around £600 for a trio, but several musicians can be added. Feel free to contact us for a free quote at any time.

All our bands will have a deputy musician to cover any band member that is unable to make the day of the event or wedding through illness or for any over reason.

A roaming band will perform for either 2 x 45 mins or 2 x 60 mins with a break in between. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for something different. The bonus with a roaming band is if you book them for drinks receptions for example, they can exchange their acoustic guitars and swap them for electric guitars and perform at your evening reception bringing a high-energy performance to ensure the dance floor is full all night.

Booking roaming wedding bands, or even acoustic string quartets with Music8 Agency could not be simpler. Our bands can travel all over the UK, so wherever you need them roaming, they will be there – and you can hire a roaming band quickly and easily by filling in your information on the Contact Us page. We will be happy to sort out dates, times, and availability for you.

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