Hire an acoustic wedding band

You’ll make many big decisions for your wedding. You’ll have to choose a venue, theme, dress, etc. Along with those big decisions, is another equally important one– deciding on the band to play at your celebration.
If you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, there are many things to keep in mind. One of those is that the band that plays says a lot about you and your spouse. Society sees it as a reflection of your personality and your tastes.
You should also pick a band that can get your guests dancing at your wedding. That’s why if you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, you should talk to us at Music8 Agency. The bands we have for hire are some of the best in the UK.
Now, there are many types of live bands that you could hire. In deciding, it’s usually best to consider the theme and style of your wedding. Sometimes, couples with a big enough budget will combine two or three to provide variety for the entire day. Here are ten wedding band styles that you should consider for your wedding.

  • Vintage and Jazz Bands

Vintage and Jazz bands are perfect for a wedding that is sophisticated but laid back at the same time. They can play easy listening music during your cocktail hour to entertain your guests. Then when it’s time for dancing after your wedding dinner, they can up the tempo of the music played.
A low-key vintage and jazz band will bring an effortlessly cool feel to your wedding atmosphere. As you hear them belt out the classics, you’ll be motivated to take a lovely trip down memory lane. They are also great for your vintage wedding, where they can enhance your celebration with a vintage soundtrack. 

  • Folk/Folk Rock Bands

If you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, a folk-rock band could hold all the answers. Especially if your venue has a rustic feel. It’ll keep everything on theme. Bands like these are festival favourites and if you’re having a festival styled wedding, you should consider them too.
Your guests will love the numbers this band performs, and even your grandma will tap in time to the beat. If they adopt the Mumford & Sons style, they’ll be a perfect backdrop to your amazing wedding too. 

  • Roaming Bands

Roaming bands are the best kind of band to get a wedding lively and fun. They are very interactive and move amongst guests from table to table. That’s where the “Roaming” came from. They are also known as strolling and wandering bands and you’ll love the experience. Rather than set up in one area of your wedding and perform from there all day, they’ll be right with your guests getting them to take part for a great entertainment time.

  • Soul, Funk, and Motown Bands

Soul, Funk, and Motown bands are an impressive addition to any kind of wedding. They’ll take you on a journey through time to when pop music had amazing harmonies and great vocals. You’ll love the unforgettable classics that are played and how they’ll be able to get your guests on their feet.
The bands we have here at Music8 Agency are talented in this area. They can switch from high romance to high energy with astounding versatility. Most of them are very talented vocalists. So, get ready to be carried away by a full brass section, soulful vocals, and funky bass lines. You won’t be able to tame your dancing feet.

  • Indie Bands

Indie bands are in a special class of their own for couples searching to hire a band for a wedding. They’ll bring a no-nonsense vibe while staying effortlessly cool as you and your guest are enthralled and dance along.
If you’re a bit of a pop-punk head, and a lover of the unique, this is just the band for you. It will surprise your friends to see otherwise at your wedding. Get ready to sing along to great anthems from the greats like Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, and Oasis. 

  • String Quartets Bands

Known in broader terms as an instrumental ensemble, String Quartets are an elegant choice for the wedding. If you’re having a breakfast or brunch ceremony, they’ll be just the perfect fit. They can play before and after the ceremony, then during your cocktail hour.
A String Quartet can also regale your guests during your wedding breakfast. There’s a reason String Quartets are the most popular amongst other instrument ensembles. Your wedding would do just beautifully with them.

  • Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands are the sounds of a summer wedding. Couples having their wedding in the summer and looking to hire a band for a wedding should look no further. An acoustic band is your answer. They are great for outdoor weddings in all weather and will bring great charm to your event. They’ll also play amazing pleasant tunes as they rock a Mumford and Sons style with rustic charm.
With an acoustic band on ground, you’ll see your guests beaming as your reception goes on and know that you’ve made the right choice. Some of them can give a roaming performance too. They’ll be able to interact with you and your guests leading to a more fun wedding entertainment experience.

  • Solo Artists

Picture you and your spouse slow dancing to amazing vocals sung specifically to you and for you at your first dance. That is the beauty a solo artist brings to your wedding. They are the most versatile of wedding entertainment and are great for a couple looking to personalise their wedding. We have a great number of phenomenal wedding singers available for your wedding here at Music8 Agency.

  • Singing Waiters

Feel surprised and then excited as a waiter who has blended into the crowd belts out a surprising tune for your wedding entertainment. That’s what singing waiters do at your wedding, and they are a delight. They quickly become a favourite for couples and their guests as they sing familiar tunes and can get everyone to sing along happily. Even your grandma!

  • Mariachi Bands

Who wouldn’t love to have the street musicians of Mexico entertain guests at their wedding? This strolling band featuring a violin, trumpet, guitar, and an accordion player is often dressed to match in traditional suits and sombrero hats. A Mariachi band is perfect for a travel-themed wedding or multicultural wedding. You can even hire them to play covers of modern songs. Your guests would have a lot of fun and laughter with this one.
If you’re a couple in the UK looking to hire a band for a wedding, you’re in the right place. Here at Music8 Agency, your wedding’s entertainment is our passion. So why not look through our bands for hire page and make a choice? You’ll be glad you did.

Article written by Rose Marie