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String quartets or string ensembles consist of four musicians who play string instruments, consisting of 2 x violin, a cello, and a viola. The two violinists will provide the songs melody; the viola supports the mid-range harmonies, and the cellist will play the bassline. They will play together to create a harmonious piece of music perfect for any occasion, like wedding ceremonies or background music for a drinks reception or even a corporate convention.

Hire a String Quartet

History of the String Quartets
String quartets were established into their present form by the famous composer Joseph Haydn, whose works in around 1750 established the ensemble as four musicians. The string quartet is considered a prestigious form of writing for four instruments with similar characteristics tests a composers art. String quartet composition flourished in the Classical era: Amadeus, Beethoven, and Mozart wrote quite a few of them. Many Romantic and early 20th Century composers composed string quartets, including Schubert and Mendelssohn. The standard structure for a quartet is four movements, with the first movement in Sonata form, allegro, in the tonic key; a slow movement in a related key and a Minuet and Trio follow. The fourth movement is sometimes in Rondo form or Sonata rondo form, in the tonic key.

Classical Music and Popular Songs
With classical string quartets, they will perform symphonies from the best of the classical world, like Bach and Mozart. When you hire a string quartet they will not just perform classical tunes but also modern contemporary music. Some popular styles of music that convert very well into string quartet arrangement are Jazz, swing, heavy metal, pop-rock, ballads, folk, and many more.

​Here are a few examples from a string quartet for hire based in the North West.


Bach – Air from the Suite in D
Bach – Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring
Elgar – Salut d’ Amour
Faure – Pie Jesu
Gounod – Ave Maria

Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
Coldplay – Yellow
Ed Sheeran – Perfect
Abba – Mamma Mia
Aerosmith – I don’t wanna miss a thing
Beach Boys – God only knows

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Why Hire a String Quartet?

String quartets are extremely versatile and can successfully perform at various events–they are not restricted to formal gatherings; however, they are most commonly hired for weddings.

Wedding String Quartet

Wedding ceremonies are when a string quartet for hire is the most popular choice. If you are looking to elevate your wedding with refinement and charm then a string ensemble will provide your wedding music adding a touch of sophistication to the proceedings.
A String quartet will typically arrive in plenty of time and will only need around 15 minutes to set up. Your wedding string quartet will perform for around 20 minutes while your guests are taking their seats at the church or venue. Wedding ceremonies held in a church usually provide excellent acoustics making the strings sound heavenly.
Your wedding string quartet will also play your music of choice as the bride walks down the aisle, and while the register is being signed. You could also have your string ensemble perform your favourite song as you leave the church or venue. You can completely customize your ceremony’s music creating a unique experience.
If you have a special song request let your musicians know as to allow enough time to rehearse if it is not already in their repertoire.

​A Typical Format

    Pre-ceremony – 20 minutes while your family and friends arrive and take their seats.
  • Processional – Entrance of the bride.
  • The register signing– 5-10 minutes.
  • Bride & Groom exit.
  • There will also be the option of them performing along to any hymns.

​Drinks Reception
After the wedding ceremony, your string quartet can then continue its performance at the reception. If you are just looking for background music then a classically trained quartet will provide this, but if you would like it to be a bit more vibrant then the best string quartets can easily change the mood in the room. While the ceremony music is soft and romantic, the drinks reception can be more lively and bright without being too intrusive. String quartets can perform those classic pop-rock songs, and turning your favourite Bruno Mars song into something special. String ensembles will usually have an extensive repertoire to pick from so you can have your favourite pop music transformed into something magical while your wedding guests are mingling with family and friends or just enjoying the music.

Hire a String Quartet for Corporate Events

Music is crucial in keeping corporate events entertaining as well as friendly. It serves as tasteful background music to help fill uncomfortable or awkward silence without distracting or overpowering any conversations. Most companies consider mingling and networking to be the most important factor of any corporate event so the musicians need to provide both low-key and energetic performance throughout the event. A singer or loud band can distract guests, making acoustic music the better option. An electric string quartet is especially popular for many of these events because it can keep things calm and relaxed if needed or put on an elaborate show to wow your clients.
​If you are looking for other styles of acoustic bands or acoustic roaming bands we have a selection of quality and professional bands to choose from.

String Quartet FAQs

A string quartet will not need much space–provide an area of approximately 2 x 3 meters with chairs set in a semi-circle, and ensure that the chairs have no armrests so they can move their arms freely while performing. The standard layout for an ensemble is to sit in a semi-circle facing the guests. Looking from the guests perspective first will be a violin on the left, second violin to the right of that, then followed by the viola, and finally, the cello is on the right. If you are holding your wedding or corporate event outdoors, your musicians will require some cover like a gazebo especially, if it is likely to be a hot day.

​You can take a look at the best string quartets on our website, check out their videos and repertoires, and where they are based. You can have a choice of acoustic or electric quartets for weddings and corporate entertainment. Go to our get in touch page and provide as much information as possible about your event, and we will get you the best price possible for your quartet, trio, or duo.

An average cost for a classically trained string quartet for weddings is between £600 and £900. It would typically cover the arrival of guests at the ceremony and music while signing the register and for the afternoon drinks reception.
The price will be determined by, the distance the musicians will have to travel and the time of year. There is also the option of a string trio which includes two violins to harmonise with each other and a cello to provide a strong bass line in the background. Then there is the option for a string duo ensemble which can be a choice of the violin for the melody, and a cello for the bass line or two violins, which will create a stronger harmony and can play of each other. Finally, a solo musician could be a violinist or a cellist, or possibly another string instrument.

Refreshments such as soft drinks, tea or coffee, and food in some cases if it is likely to be a long day like for some corporate events which may run for some time.
Check that they can park as close to the venue as possible to save time unloading their instruments.
In the summer months, weddings are often outdoors, but it is worth noting that your musicians will need some shade to perform under like a gazebo. Also, remember that musicians will not be able to play outside in cold weather. If you hire an electric string quartet, then an electrical supply will be required in proximity to their performance area.
​Make sure all chairs have no armrests as we discussed earlier, and if possible, check if the venue has somewhere for them to change.

All our string ensembles and any other live bands for hire will have deputies to cover any musician that cannot make the day of the event through illness or for any over reason.

The simple answer is yes, we think it is a good idea to speak to the musicians beforehand to check on the finer details you may require for your event. With the best string quartets available, it is always a good idea once you have a date in place for a wedding or an event to book a string quartet or any artists as early as possible, especially if it falls between the months of May-October, which is the wedding season.

Typically, the string quartet will wear all-black, although they can easily plan an outfit that fits your events dress code, such as a summer outfit or traditional dress.

If you hire an acoustic string quartet, then they will not require any technical equipment or PA system, but they will bring it themselves if you request it. As for an electric string quartet a PA is included in the price as standard.

All our wedding musiciansacousticwedding singers and string quartets have full public liability insurance.

Booking a string quartet, or to hire a band is simple through Music8. A deposit will be required to secure the services of your musicians, payable by bank transfer. We will then have a contract drawn up for you and the musicians. Final payment of the outstanding balance will be required the week of the event.
Please feel free to get in touch for a free no-obligation quote.
If you require any information on any of our string quartets, please do get in touch. We are always happy to help. We can accommodate your budget, with the options of a quartet, trio, or duo, and even a soloist.

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