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Looking to hire a live band for your next event? Look no further! A party band is the perfect addition to any celebration, whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, or birthday party. With their infectious energy, captivating stage presence, and wide range of musical styles, a live band will keep your guests entertained and on their feet all night long. Imagine the thrill of a live performance, with talented musicians playing the latest hits, beloved classics, and everything in between. From high-energy dance sets to soulful ballads, a party band can create the perfect atmosphere for your event, ensuring that everyone has a great time and leaves with unforgettable memories.  Hire a party band today and let the good times roll!

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Party Bands for Hire

When it comes to orchestrating the perfect wedding, the choice of entertainment holds paramount importance. A great party band has the potential to elevate the atmosphere, making it an unforgettable celebration.

Harmonious Repertoire: A standout party band for weddings boasts a versatile and harmonious repertoire. Diverse musical genres cater to the varied tastes of wedding guests, ensuring everyone finds themselves on the dance floor. From classic love ballads to energetic pop hits, the ability to transition seamlessly between genres is a hallmark of a top-tier wedding band.

Exceptional Musical Prowess: Musical prowess is the heartbeat of any great band. Exceptional instrumental and vocal skills create an immersive experience for the audience. Look for bands with musicians who are not only technically proficient but also possess a deep understanding of how to read the crowd, adjusting their performance to keep the energy levels soaring.

Engaging Stage Presence: A wedding is a visual spectacle, and an engaging stage presence adds an extra layer of excitement. A great party band understands the importance of connecting with the audience beyond just the music. Charismatic performers, interactive with the crowd, can turn a good wedding into a great one.

Customization for Your Special Day: Every wedding is unique, and a great band recognizes this. The ability to customize their performance according to the couple’s preferences and the overall theme of the wedding sets them apart. Whether it’s a special song for the first dance or incorporating specific musical elements, this flexibility ensures a personalized and memorable experience.

Seamless Set Transitions: Smooth transitions between sets are crucial for maintaining the momentum of the celebration. A top-notch wedding band plans their sets meticulously, ensuring no awkward pauses or disruptions. The flow of music should be seamless, allowing the celebration to progress effortlessly from one magical moment to the next.

Interactive Entertainment: Elevate your wedding entertainment by opting for a live party band that goes beyond music. Interactive entertainment such as audience participation, games, or themed performances can add a unique flair to your celebration. This level of engagement ensures that your guests are not just spectators but active participants in the festivities.

Reviews and Testimonials: In the digital age, reviews and testimonials serve as a window into the experiences of others. Before finalizing your choice, explore reviews from previous clients. A band with a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional wedding performances is likely to replicate that success for your special day.

Professionalism and Reliability: Reliability is non-negotiable when it comes to wedding entertainment. A great party band for hire is professional in their conduct and reliable in delivering what they promise. Timely arrivals, seamless setups, and a commitment to making your wedding day memorable demonstrate a musician’s dedication to their craft.

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The importance of live music at events

Are you looking to elevate your next party or event to the next level? Look no further than hiring a talented party band to bring the energy and excitement to your gathering.

Live music has the power to create unforgettable memories, set the mood, and keep your guests entertained throughout the night. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or any other special occasion, a party band can make all the difference.

Our experienced and versatile party bands are guaranteed to get your guests on their feet and dancing the night away. From classic hits to current chart-toppers, our bands can cater to any musical taste and create a lively atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression.

Don’t settle for a mundane playlist or generic background music – make your event truly unforgettable with live music from one of our talented party bands. Book now and let the music do the talking at your next event!

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The Raiders
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Boogie Heaven
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The Players
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The Coasters
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The Tones
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Speakeasy Swing
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All Night Function Band
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Moore Trio
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The Shinning
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Cool Beans
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Discover a Professional Party Band for Hire

If you are looking for a way to make your next party truly memorable, Music8 has the perfect solution. With professional party bands for hire, you’ll get the best in live entertainment and great tunes that will have your guests on the dance floor all night long!

Music8 Agency offers an extensive range of bands with various musical styles and genres you’ll be sure to find the perfect musical act for your event. Whether you need a DJ for a night vibing or a live band for something more special, we offer you the perfect solution. No matter what the occasion, Music8, guarantees you’ll have great tunes and live entertainment set up in no time!

Browse our list of party bands.

Music8 Agency is the ultimate source for musical bands and entertainers for corporate events, private parties, weddings, and more. From rock and rap to jazz, pop, folk bands, and beyond – you’ll find the perfect band that encompasses everything your event requires. We’ve handpicked some of the best acts in town – so grab a drink, sit back, and browse our list of bands!

Choose the music band you would like to hire.

When researching party bands for hire, it’s important to keep an open mind and to take a look at all the options available. Consider factors such as the band’s style of music and their past performance record, and pricing. Music8 Agency’s list of professional acts allows you to choose a perfect band that suits your budget and event. Simply search through our extensive database of music services to find the perfect act for your special occasion.

Discuss the details such as event location, date and playing times in advance.

Always remember to discuss the details of the event in advance with us. It’s important to let us know if your party or event location is indoors or outdoors, and also provide them with an exact date and playing times. This information is important as some performers may need to plan their equipment and setup differently depending on the specifics of each gig. Ensure any necessary gear is available for the show by discussing this beforehand.

Reserve the chosen band for your special occasion or party.

Now it’s time to book your chosen band and make sure they are available for the required date. Music8 Agency will work with you to reserve the best live music act that fits within your budget, theme, and unique event. Once this is successfully done, and the paperwork is signed off, you can look forward to an epic live performance that everyone will enjoy.

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Party Bands FAQs

Each function and party band will have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificates and a portable appliance tested (PAT). All our function bands can provide these for your venue if required.

The set-up time for a function band is around 60-90 minutes, depending on how far they have to bring their equipment. The standard set times for a function band will either be 2 x 60 minutes or 3 x 40 minutes with a break in between. Most function bands will also provide a free DJ service in between their live sets. Prices will include a 5.30pm-6 pm arrival, and up to a midnight finish if you hire a function band for the evening entertainment.

A professional function and party bands for hire will come self-contained with sound equipment, and lighting for the performance area if the venue does not have any.

​As a guide, a 3-piece covers band will need approx. 3m x 3m. It will increase by an additional meter for any additional band members. A 4-piece band would need 4m x 3m approx. This space is required, for PA equipment, drums, amps, and any lighting, etc. Check the venue has enough space before booking any function band, and 13 amp plugs are available to plug in all their equipment.


​A supply of refreshments, like soft drinks, coffee, tea, and water, plus a buffet-style meal, would be gratefully appreciated by the band members especially, if it is for a wedding as it will likely be a long day. Check that they can park vehicles as close to the venue as possible to save time unloading their equipment. If you are holding an event outdoors, your wedding band will need some cover like a gazebo and electrical supply. Always check the venue for a sound limiter as it may dictate the wedding band for hire.

All our bands for hire will take time to learn your special song, whether it is for the first dance at your wedding or a special song for birthday parties, or any other special occasion.

All our bands will have deputies to cover any band member that can not make the day of the event through illness or for any reason..

If you would like to speak to the wedding band of your choice, then this will not be a problem. It is always a good idea to check any small details with your band just to provide peace of mind.

Party bands for hire through our entertainment agency is simple. Once you have picked your function band, we will take a deposit to secure your band. A contract will be issued for you and the function band for peace of mind. Final payment of the outstanding balance will be required the week of your event.

London Party Band:​ The band have now played three parties for us. I booked them for my husbands 50th and was so impressed booked them again for my 50th. Last night they played at my son’s 21st Birthday party. They are amazing and get the crowd going. We have been thoroughly spoilt now and would never want anyone else to provide the music for us. Just gutted we have got no more big birthdays coming up so, we can book them again! Lisa Bennett – 21st Birthday

Headline Party Band: I do not normally write reviews but credit where credit is due. Having done my research into bands for my wedding and reading reviews, I went for this wedding band and can not be more thankful that I did. Not only were they great musicians, great singers and altogether great performers, and they really were lovely people. You can tell they genuinely enjoy what they do and have an absolute interest in your day. Would I recommend them? DEFINITELY. Thank you so much. Yvonne Strangward Hards (Wedding )

The Allstars Wedding Band: Thank you so much for such a fantastic night. You really listened and helped us get our wedding guests up on the dance floor!! You even had us up dancing to our ‘first dance’ which, we had not planned to do!! We cannot recommend you guys enough. You were truly amazing. Thank you. Jodie Peachey (Wedding) 10/10

Queen Supreme: Queen Supreme played at our wedding and absolutely made our night! Everyone was up and dancing, and we had so many comments from people on the night, and after the wedding about how much they loved the wedding band. They have amazing high energy and are incredibly fun, as well as all being brilliant musicians. They learned a song for us and their version is right up there with the original for us! Karen was really easy to deal with in the run-up to the wedding – so lovely to chat to, and we really appreciated how much effort she put into researching the venue/liaising with them so that everything went smoothly. Absolutely perfect from start to finish, I cannot recommend them highly enough! Wedding – Hawksmoor, London

Retros Rock N Roll Band: These guys were ACE!!! Very professional indeed. I will use them again. So refreshing to have a real authentic Rock n’ Roll band. We got married in style. Thank you. Kaija Bell (Wedding) 10/10


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