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Are you planning your dream wedding and looking for the perfect musicians to set the tone for your special day? Look no further – we’ve got you covered with a list of the most popular wedding musicians in the UK

From classical string quartets to jazz bands and everything in between, there’s a wedding musician for every couple’s unique taste and style. Our curated list of top wedding musicians will help you find the perfect performers to bring your wedding vision to life.

Whether you’re looking for a solo guitarist to serenade your guests during a drinks reception or a party band to get the party started on the dance floor, our selection of wedding musicians offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

Don’t leave the music to chance on your big day – trust the professionals to create the perfect soundtrack for your wedding. Please browse our list of the most popular wedding musicians in the UK and book your perfect performers today!

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The Benefits of Having a Wedding Musician

If you’re looking for a way to bring that special touch and added elegance to your wedding ceremony, consider hiring a wedding musician. Live music can enhance the atmosphere of any celebration, and having a professional wedding ceremony musician or wedding singer provide accompaniment for your nuptials can make your day even more memorable.

Enhances the Emotion of the Ceremony.

Live music has the power to evoke emotion and add personality to your wedding ceremony. Whether you’re looking for upbeat, romantic, or classical music, live musicians can bring the right atmosphere to your big day. Experienced professionals are also great at reading a crowd and adjusting the tone and mood of their performance as necessary. Live musicians can capture joyous and unique moments in a way that recorded music cannot.

Inspires Lasting Memories.

Music played by musicians has the power to evoke emotions and create lasting memories of your wedding ceremony. Hearing beautiful strings or other instruments as you walk down the aisle will be something you and your guests will remember for years to come. You can even request special versions of different songs or request a special performance from musicians for a truly unique experience.

Enhances the Visual Appeal of Your Big Day.

Live music provides a powerful backdrop to the visuals of your wedding ceremony. Hearing soaring strings or melodies helps to enhance the visual appeal of the occasion, creating a memorable experience for everyone in attendance. Live music can also add depth and emotion to key moments of the wedding ceremony.

Maintains Timeless Tradition and Adds Elegance.

Having a wedding musician adds an authentic, timeless quality to your ceremony. Playing or singing classic wedding music like “Canon in D” on string instruments like the violin or a harp brings a special flavour to the occasion and evokes feelings of nostalgia that can’t be replicated with wedding songs chosen from a playlist. Adding live music to your ceremony also helps to generate an air of elegance that can help make your wedding stand out from the rest!

Creates Professional and Quality Entertainment.

Adding live music to your wedding can bring a higher level of professionalism and quality entertainment value for your guests. Musicians create an ambience of excellence by providing beautiful music tailored to fit the structure and the emotion of your special day. In addition, they will add a dynamic performance energy that will be appreciated by all in attendance. This results in enhanced engagement with your guests and increased memories and satisfaction with their experience!

Drinks Reception & Wedding Breakfast

Live music and wedding entertainment do not end at the wedding ceremony. Popular choices for the reception and wedding breakfast are jazz bands, an acoustic duo, a solo wedding singer, and a string quartet. The advantage is if you have hired one of the previous acts from the wedding ceremony, they can move on to the afternoon reception. Other live music options are wandering musicians sometimes called a roaming band. These professional acoustic musicians are ideal for outdoor receptions where they can mix with your guests. A roaming band can be as a duo up to a 5-piece band. They will be acoustic, which means no amplification is needed which enables them to roam around playing pop-rock, jazzy numbers, and anything to get your guests up to dance and sing along.

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Welcome to the Home of Live Music for Corporate Entertainment

Are you looking for a unique way to entertain your guests at your corporate event? Look no further than our live musicians! They will provide engaging and entertaining performances that will leave your guests talking about your event for years to come.

We offer a wide range of live music services for your corporate event. From classical ensembles, a saxophonist to jazz trios, our professional musicians are sure to bring an unforgettable experience to your guests. Our musicians have years of experience performing at corporate events, so you can trust that your event will be in good hands.

Whether you’re looking for a soloist, duo, or a full band, we’ve got you covered. Our musicians specialize in a variety of genres, including jazz, classical, pop, rock, and more. We also offer a variety of packages to fit your budget and needs.

If you’re ready to take your corporate event to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our live music services. We look forward to making your event a success!

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The Top 5 Qualities of a Great Wedding Musician

Choosing the right wedding musician can make a huge difference in setting the mood and atmosphere of a special day. But what are some key qualities to look out for when picking one? From their repertoire to their flair for improvisation, here is everything you need to know about selecting the perfect wedding musician for your big day.


Professionalism is essential when it comes to wedding musicians. A great wedding musician should always value timeliness, professionalism in dress and mannerisms, and most importantly respect towards guests. Great wedding musicians will go out of their way to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for all attendees through their music. Expect your hired wedding musician to act courteously, be punctual and above all else respect the guests and keep the volume at an appropriate level throughout the occasion.

A Flexible Repertoire

Another trait of a great musician is a flexible repertoire that appeals to all age groups. Not only should the musician know their favourite tunes, but they must also be willing to learn new music, add songs to the list upon request, and even take a special request on the day of the wedding! Having this variety makes it possible to create an enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance.

Ease of Communication

One key quality to look for in a great musician is the ability to easily communicate with you and other vendors throughout the planning process, and this includes being professional, and prompt in responses, having clear and consistent communication, and maintaining strong working relationships. Keeping open lines of communication can not only help ensure that everything goes as planned on your wedding day but also create an atmosphere of comfort and trust.

Knowledge of Traditional Wedding Music

A great wedding musician should be well-versed in traditional wedding music and understand the importance of selecting the right music for each part of your ceremony or reception. They should communicate ideas with you, including musical preferences to create an overall pleasant atmosphere. An experienced musician can suggest different songs, whether it’s modern pop hits or more timeless pieces that will match the excitement and elegance of any event.

Ability to Adapt to the Moment

A great wedding ceremony musician can completely understand what the atmosphere requires and adapt accordingly. They should be able to read the guests, recognize their mood, and adjust their playing style accordingly. They should also have an arsenal of songs to choose from that make all your guests feel included and welcomed. Finally, they should be willing to take requests if you or your guests need something special or unique.

Live Musicians FAQs

Of course, you can! All our musicians have videos on their pages, so you can not only listen to them but watch them perform! You check out their sample repertoire and read reviews from a previous bride and groom, and find which musicians will fit your style of wedding.

​Yes, all our wedding musicians will learn a new song if you want to have your favourite for the first dance, for example. All our musicians are here to make your special day one to remember.

Set up can be anything from 30-90 mins depending on the musician, and this would include any soundchecks.
Performance can be anything from 30 mins for a wedding ceremony and up to 3 hours of live music covering a wedding breakfast or drinks reception and evening entertainment. For any other event like a party, an artist would usually perform for 2 x 45 mins with a short break but could be tailored, to suit any occasion.

Yes, we think it is a good idea to discuss your wedding music and performance for your special day. This time will also allow you to discuss any requirements your artist may require.

All our musicians have full public liability insurance, and any equipment is PAT Tested. Venues often ask for these certificates before any acts can perform at their venue.

A supply of refreshments, water, tea and coffee, and a buffet-style meal would be very much appreciated, especially if the musician is booked for the ceremony, drinks reception, and evening reception.
Check that they can park as close to the venue as possible and have good access to save time unloading any equipment.
If you are holding an event outside, your musician will need some cover like a gazebo plus an electrical supply. (13amp socket)

We have musicians based UK wide and to hire a musician or wedding band is simple through Music8. When you have decided on your musicians, we will ask for a deposit to secure your act, and then a contract will be drawn up, for you and the artists for peace of mind. The final payment of the outstanding balance will be required the week before the event. All prices include any travel and expenses, so there are no hidden extras.

A professional live solo wedding musician can be a little as £250 up to £600 depending on how long you would like the performance to last. A string quartet would cost around £500 for a wedding ceremony. Wedding bands start from £900 for an evening wedding reception. The price will also vary on where the artist is based and what the event is. If you let us know your budget, we can source an act for you from anywhere across the UK.

Classic and Electric String Quartet: We recently asked the girls to play at our wedding, and they were just brilliant! They played classical music during the wedding ceremony, and in the evening swapped to their electric strings and were just fantastic. They were so helpful beforehand, making sure we were happy with the music, suggesting what would be good, and they really helped to make our day very special. Thanks, girls! Jane Anderson

Tom Classical Guitarist: “Dear Tom, thank you for playing at our wedding yesterday! It was beautiful! I have a video of my bridesmaids/page boys and me and my dad walking down the aisle to you playing, and it sounded perfect, and it was exactly how I had hoped it would be! Many thanks again” Ruth Hook

Jennifer Pianist & Singer: “Jennifer is a fantastic singer, and her voice is a cut above the rest! Her repertoire is extensive, and she knows how to play to the crowd. I booked her as part of a band for a wedding, and she did not disappoint, the couple were thrilled, and the party went off!! I will definitely book Jen for my next event”- Suzie R, November 2019 (Wedding)

Logan Bagpiper: Logan went above and beyond to make my wedding day. He piped us into Amazing Grace, and he looked top-notch. He then played at the drinks reception and again played some fantastic tunes, and he even hung around after to chat with the guests who all loved him. Harriet Day (Wedding)

The Magic of Live Musicians: Elevating the Atmosphere and Captivating Audiences

Imagine stepping into a room, the atmosphere charged with anticipation, as the lights dim and the first notes of a live musician’s performance fill the air. It’s a transformative experience that goes beyond just hearing music; it’s about feeling it, connecting with it, and being transported to another world. Live musicians possess a unique ability to captivate audiences, creating an energy that is palpable and electric. From the soulful crooning of a jazz singer to the intricate melodies of a classical pianist, the magic of live musicians lies in their ability to evoke emotions, stir memories, and create unforgettable moments. In a world dominated by digital recordings and playlists, the presence of a live musician adds an element of spontaneity and authenticity that cannot be replicated. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a small gathering among friends, the power of live music is undeniable, elevating any occasion and leaving a lasting impression on all who experience it. In this article, we will explore the many ways in which live musicians enhance the atmosphere and captivate audiences, creating truly magical moments that are cherished forever.

The Power of Live Music

Live music has a power that cannot be matched by recorded music. When a musician takes the stage, their energy and passion permeate the room, creating an instant connection with the audience. The raw emotion in their performance can move listeners in ways that recorded music simply cannot. From the delicate plucking of guitar strings to the powerful resonance of a vocalist, live music can touch the soul and evoke a wide range of emotions.

Benefits of Hiring Live Musicians

Hiring live musicians for your event can have numerous benefits. Firstly, live music adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion. The presence of a live musician elevates the atmosphere, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. It sets the tone for the event and creates a memorable experience for guests.

Furthermore, live musicians can adapt their performance to the vibe and mood of the event. They can read the crowd and adjust their setlist accordingly, ensuring the music resonates with the audience. This level of flexibility and personalization adds a unique touch to the event and creates a more immersive experience for everyone in attendance.

Live Musicians vs Recorded Music

While recorded music has its place, it simply cannot compare to the experience of live music. Recorded music lacks the spontaneity and authenticity that live musicians bring to the table. With recorded music, everything is predetermined and pre-recorded. There is no room for improvisation or connection with the audience.

Live musicians, on the other hand, can interact with the audience, engage them, and create a sense of intimacy. They can take requests, play off the energy of the crowd, and create a truly unique and memorable experience. The presence of live musicians adds a human element to the event, making it more personal and relatable.

Types of Live Musicians

Live musicians come in a variety of forms, each bringing their unique style and sound to the stage. Some popular types of live musicians include:

1. Solo Singers: Solo singers are often the centrepiece of an event, captivating audiences with their powerful vocals and stage presence. They can perform a wide range of genres, from pop and rock to jazz and classical.

2. Bands: live bands bring a dynamic and energetic performance to any event. With a combination of vocals, guitars, drums, and other instruments, they can create a rich and immersive sound that gets the crowd moving.

3. String Quartets: String quartets add an element of elegance and sophistication to any event. With beautiful harmonies and intricate melodies, they create a classical and timeless atmosphere.

4. Jazz Ensembles: Jazz ensembles create a smooth and soulful ambience, perfect for cocktail hours and intimate gatherings. With their improvisation skills and unique arrangements, they can create a truly immersive experience for the audience.

Choosing the Right Live Musician for Your Event

When choosing a live musician for your event, it’s important to consider the style and vibe you want to create. Think about the type of music that will resonate with your audience and complement the overall atmosphere of the event. Additionally, consider the size of the venue and the acoustics. Some musicians may require larger spaces, while others can perform in more intimate settings.

It’s also important to listen to samples of the musician’s work and read reviews from previous clients, as this will give you a sense of their skill level, professionalism, and ability to engage an audience. Finally, discuss your event’s specific needs and expectations with the musician to ensure they can meet your requirements.

How Live Musicians Elevate the Atmosphere

Live musicians have a unique ability to elevate the atmosphere of any event. Their presence creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, setting the tone for the occasion. The live performance brings a level of authenticity and spontaneity.

Live musicians also can adapt their performance to the mood and energy of the crowd. They can read the room and adjust their setlist accordingly, ensuring the music resonates with the audience. This level of flexibility and personalization adds a special touch to the event, creating a more immersive experience for everyone in attendance.

Captivating Audiences with Live Music

One of the most remarkable things about live music is its ability to captivate audiences. When a musician takes the stage, their energy and passion are contagious. They have the power to draw listeners in, creating an intimate and emotional connection.

Live musicians can engage the audience in a way that recorded music simply cannot. They can interact with the crowd, take requests, and even invite audience members to join in on the performance. This level of interaction creates a sense of intimacy and makes the audience feel like an integral part of the experience.

Incorporating Live Music into Different Events

Live music can enhance the atmosphere of a wide range of events. From weddings and corporate functions to birthday parties and charity galas, the presence of live musicians will add a touch of elegance and entertainment.

For weddings, live musicians can perform during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. They can create a romantic and intimate ambience during the ceremony, set a lively and upbeat tone during the cocktail hour, and get everyone on their feet during the reception.

In a corporate event setting, live musicians can provide background music during networking sessions, perform during breaks, and even provide entertainment during dinner or award ceremonies. They can create a professional and sophisticated atmosphere while ensuring guests feel engaged and entertained.

Hiring Live Musicians: What to Consider

When hiring live musicians, there are several factors to consider. Start by determining your budget and the type of music you want for your event. Check out our musicians and bands, listen to their samples, and read reviews from previous clients.

You can contact the musicians, and discuss your event’s specific needs and expectations.

Finally, communicate with the musicians leading up to the event. Provide them with any necessary information, such as the schedule, venue details, and any specific songs or genres you would like them to perform, as this will help ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

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