Vintage & Jazz Bands for Hire

Are you looking to hire a jazz band, or a vintage band, or jazz swing-style bands? They are all exceptional choices for a wedding or event – These vintage bands have repertoires of pop hits and chart-toppers that are sure to fill the floor, all played in a smooth, fun vintage style. Are you looking for a first dance that is elegant, romantic, and cool? How about getting the party started with some upbeat jazzy covers of songs you already know and love? Our post-modern bands are just what you need – give them a listen on their pages above, or let us pick one for you!

Vintage Bands

Our selection of vintage bands and jazz bands for hire includes masterfully talented musicians in a range of jazzy genres, from classic Golden-Age Jazz to post modern-jukebox-style vintage covers of modern hits, and from big brass bands to intimate jazz singers. Carefully chosen and vetted for quality, professionalism, reliability, and showmanship, our vintage & Jazz bands are professionals who you can rely on to be there on time, soundcheck quickly and efficiently, and put on an unforgettable music show.

Our jazz bands for hire are all seasoned entertainers and have performed at several events, so they have got the skills and polish to keep your guests dancing, singing along, or clicking their fingers in time like they are enjoying the old-time cabaret in a gangster movie. However you want the night to unfold, we can help make that happen.
Whether you are booking them for a wedding, a function or party, or all of the above, you can rely on Music8 bands to show your guests a good time. You can read testimonials by people who have watched our vintage and jazz bands play their events, and you can find those on the band pages shown above, or watch the video showreels of the bands in action to get an idea of what they sound like and how they perform. It’s impossible to beat watching a band play and seeing how they work together, and getting a feel for their voices and instruments before you make a booking, so we always recommend watching the videos before you book your band to make sure they are a perfect fit for your event!
All the individual band pages above also have repertoires of songs on them, so you can get an idea of what sort of thing that band usually plays, and have a look for your jazzy favourites! As we mentioned above, we have got a range of jazz bands playing a variety of styles, so make sure you book one that suits your event. You can also send us a message to request a particular song or set of songs, too, so you can dance the night away to your favourites, or make sure your first dance is to the song you have always wanted!
Get in touch with us today if you like the look of our swing and jazz bands, and you want to book one of them, also check out our other acoustic bands for hire – we will be delighted to hear from you.

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Electro Swing
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Vintage Swing Band
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Speakeasy Swing Band
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Gatsby Swing
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Vintage Trio
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Gatsby Gems
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The Sheikhs
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Vintage Rhythm & Blues Band
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Mandy's Vintage Swing Band
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Brighton Swing Band
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Vintage Belles
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London Modern Swing Band
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JW Jazz Band
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The Magpies
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Vintage Swing Jive Band
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Jazz Lights

What are the Different Types of Jazz Band for Hire

Jazz bands come under many different styles and musical labels, so here is a list of some popular jazz.
Jazz Standards Bands: Will perform tunes drawn from the Great American Songbook, and the jazz band could be as small as a trio of musicians consisting of double bass, drums, and piano. They will perform tunes from the likes of Duke Ellington and George Gershwin. Our Jazz standards bands are ideal for chilled background music.

Traditional Jazz Bands: Are, also known as New Orleans jazz or ragtime, and Dixieland, Joe “King” Oliver is one of the most famous musicians.
Jazz Swing Band: This style of jazz band focuses on music from the likes of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong in the 30s and 40s—and also brought to life in the 1950s and 1960s by the Rat Pack, singers like Frank Sinatra.
Gypsy Jazz Band: Also known as jazz manouche with its distinctive sound. The most famous gypsy jazz musician being Django Reinhardt. The number of musicians can be as small as a duo which would be ideal for small intimate events, and as many as 6 or 7 musicians.
Post Modern Jukebox: This came to light in 2011 thanks to Scott Bradlee, and this new breed of vintage swing bands will perform modern pop classics in a vintage style.

5 Of the Best Jazz Songs

Mood Indigo-Duke Ellington
Minnie The Moocher-Cab Calloway
What A Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
Fly Me To The Moon-Frank Sinatra
So What-Miles Davis

5 Of The Most Popular Post-Modern Songs

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor
Oops!… I Did It Again – Britney Spears
Careless Whisper – George Michael
Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Hire a Jazz & Swing Band for a Wedding?

Our jazz bands and vintage bands are all excellent choices for a wedding. How about getting the party started with some upbeat jazzy covers of songs you already know and love? Our vintage swing bands are just what you need – give them a listen on their pages.
A vintage band or jazz band can make a wedding feel unique and memorable, creating an instantly classy atmosphere and conjuring up a tone that is perfect for weddings. If you’re looking for something authentic for those vintage lovers out there, then our vintage bands include several that play tunes from the ’20s, 30’s, ’40s, and 50’s to their original styles, and which will transport your guests back in time.
For those who love the sound of speakeasy jazz but want to be able to sing along, then you are in luck – many of our vintage bands for weddings have repertoires of modern songs in a speakeasy-style, creating a satisfying blend of old-school ambience and recognisable, catchy songs! Whatever you’re looking for out of your wedding band, we can help.
We have bands in different size line-ups, from a duo up to a 6 piece band. You may be looking for jazz musicians for the drinks reception, to perform low-key background music and traditional jazz standards. We have a Jazz duo that could be a vocalist and acoustic guitarist or add a double bass making a jazz trio, or if you prefer a solo singer, we have this covered too.
Music8 can provide experienced, professional musicians wherever you are, too, since we have got & jazz & vintage bands, and even jazz and swing roaming bands all over the country and plenty that will travel wherever you need them. Check out our other bands for hire for any other event you maybe organising.
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Gypsy Jazz Quartet
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Vintage Jukebox Band
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Vintage Swing Trio
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After 8 Electro Swing
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Bea Trio
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The Jukes
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The Beats
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The Tonics
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The Vintage Swingers
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The Jazzmen
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All That Jazz Band
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Little Swing Band
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Vintage Pop
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Vintage Beats
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Vintage Harmony Trio
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Swing Thing

Looking to Hire a Jazz Band for Corporate Events?

Vintage or a live jazz band can add exactly the touch of class and style that will set off any corporate events while still being incredibly fun and dynamic! Vintage and jazz music is enjoying a real renaissance, and it is more fashionable and trendy than ever. Whether you are looking for something tasteful and elegant or something upbeat and exciting, our range of jazz and vintage bands will set the scene perfectly.
That is why our vintage bands are always a must-have when it comes to events, with their adaptability and versatility making them a natural choice for any event, regardless of size. You do not just have to take our word for it, though – we have got videos on every page of the bands playing a range of hits so you can see for yourself!

Want Us to Choose the Perfect Jazz Band for You?
Choosing your perfect band can be a bit overwhelming and can make the event more stressful to organise – but luckily, we can take that stress for you by doing all the hard parts of finding your ideal live jazz band! On our Contact Page, we can note all the things you’re looking for in an act and we can find the perfect band performing your favourite jazz music for your event, wedding, or maybe an evening party. That page is not just jazz bands, either – we have got all sorts of genres and professional musicians and wedding singers to choose from!
This feature of our service is especially handy when you are under time pressure, stressed about the effort required to find and vet vintage and jazz bands, or just overwhelmed by the available options. By telling us directly what you’re looking for, we can then pick out the most suitable artists like soul & funk bands or indie wedding bands for your event and venue, and send their details to you directly. Try it today! It will only take a second, and it could save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

​Contact Music8 Agency to Book a Vintage Jazz Band!
If you want to make a booking, or you are just looking for more information, you can get in touch with us at any time by filling out the handy contact form on our Contact Page or by calling us on 07758116749. You can also email on
We look forward to hearing from you!

Vintage & Jazz Bands FAQs

“Postmodern Jukebox” is a term you hear a lot with vintage swing bands, especially the ones that play weddings and events. It means the band can play modern hit songs in a jazz or vintage style, making the music at your event accessible and exciting and making sure that the whole audience can sing and dance along! They not only dress the part but sound amazing too!

Jazz standards are musical compositions that are a part of the musical repertoire of musicians, and they are well known and performed by jazz musicians.

A trio is a more “traditional” arrangement for jazz. It usually consists of a guitar or piano along with double bass and drums. This combination gives harmonic and melodic expression through the guitar or piano along with a solid foundation and rhythm from the drums and bass. A trio is a popular line -up for several events.

On average, it will take between 60-90 minutes to set up and complete a soundcheck.

A band will play live music for 2 x 45 mins sets over 2 hours, but if you require a longer length of time then this can also be arranged. They can tailor the music for your event and work around specific timings you may need.

Yes, a band can perform outside if it is nice weather but would need some cover like a gazebo.

You will need to provide your musicians with refreshments like tea, coffee, or soft drinks. If your band is likely to be there for some length of time, then some food would be very much appreciated by your musicians. Also, make sure that your musicians can park as close to the venue as possible. If you hired a big band, it is a lot of effort unloading if they are parked too far away.

Bookings through Music8 Agency to hire a jazz band for your wedding or event couldn’t be easier – our bands can travel all around the UK, so wherever your event is they will be there, and you can book them quickly and easily by calling us on 07758116749 or sending us a message on our Contact Us page. We will be happy to sort out dates, times, and availability for you – just give us a call! Once your booking is confirmed we will ask for a deposit to secure the band, and the outstanding balance will be a week before the event. All bookings will be contracted.
We can also advise in hiring Mumford folk bands for weddingsstring quartets for weddingscover bandsacoustic wedding singers, wedding musicians and much more!

We know how crucial it is that everything goes right on your wedding day – that is why we only represent experienced jazz and swing bands and live musicians that have played enough weddings to know the snags and pitfalls, and who can deliver a great performance on the big day. If you do not have time to choose the band yourself, or there is too much else to do before the wedding day, then we are happy to do it for you. We have live bands for background music or a swing band if you want to get your guests on the dance floor. If you are holding an intimate wedding, how about an acoustic duo consisting of an acoustic guitarist or double bass and singer, or a big band with a brass section.

​We have live bands in London, bands in the North, and the South, jazz duo, jazz trio, or even a solo singer performing live music all over the UK. So if you are looking to hire a band to play your great American songbook tunes or a vintage band playing your favourite pop classics, or even a Ratpack singer performing Frank Sinatra, we have them all.

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