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At Music8 Agency, we think that party bands for hire are the special ingredient to every event. Live music has everything you need to make your get-together swing, fizz, crackle and pop in all the right ways. It’s all about picking the right band for you and that’s where we can help. Our company belief is that to hire a band for weddings, business gatherings and personal get-togethers doesn’t have to be difficult.  The Music8 rosters are full of top-notch artists who have the professionalism and star quality to keep your guests entertained throughout any event. 

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Our selection of hand-picked musicians covers all options. Looking for an elegant class vintage or jazz bands for hire? We’ve got some of the best around, playing timeless classics in their original toe-tapping iterations. Want a vintage twist on modern billboard hits? We’ve got retro bands that specialise in covering contemporary chart-toppers in an unforgettable jazz style. Thinking of something a little more traditional? We’ve got magnificent electric and acoustic string quartets, ready to serenade you and your invitees with beautiful classical music. Wanting to hire a band for a wedding? Our acoustic bands and solo artists are available to make your big day just that little more special.

It doesn’t end there! Our catalogue includes Folk wedding bandsroaming bands who mingle with your guests as they play, and we’ve even got a Mariachi band or two to get your guests up and on the floor in style. It’s all about how you want your event to sound, look and feel. All our bands for hire on our roster is professional and easy to work with, they’ll provide all of their own equipment, and they’ll work with you to pull off the perfect day or evening, just the way you want it. If you’re looking for a specialist band or style of music, we’ve got your back, drop us an email with what you need, and we’ll do our best to find the right band for you.
​So if you’re looking to hire a wedding band, or wedding musicians, or an act for your business symposium or a soloist for your personal celebration, get in touch with the band hire specialists here at Music8 Agency! We’ll get you matched up with the perfect live bands for hire and singers for weddings to make your day or evening one you’ll never forget!

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Five Reasons to Hire a Live Band

I always love the story about David Gilmour’s 50th Birthday Party; in keeping with the Pink Floyd front man’s slightly reserved manner, he told his guests that his birthday bash would be a relatively small affair with a DJ and a few nibbles. In actual fact, he (slightly ironically) hired the highly successful Australian Pink Floyd – one of the most successful tribute bands in the world. Pink Floyd’s drummer, Nick Mason, was quoted as saying that the tribute act was actually better than the real Pink Floyd! It seemed that for David, the reality was that nothing could beat a live band. But he must have always known that…

Bands make events memorable. When all said and done, when was the last time you rapturously said: ‘that DJ was brilliant; he/she made the night utterly memorable; I’d like to see that DJ again…’ You get the picture! Only a live band has the capacity to create an event that people will talk about for years to come. DJ s can create a good night; a live band can create an incredible night which will live in your memory forever!

So why else should you consider our live bands for hire? If you need any more persuasion, read on:

  • A band is guaranteed to get people dancing. Have you ever noticed that at a typical DJ led party, it is usually an hour or more before the first brave dancers step onto the floor? With a band, the dancing starts from ‘the word ‘go’’ 
  • Just like a talented DJ, a charismatic band frontman has the instinctive ability to create a party atmosphere and to get people ‘on their feet’. Also, have you noticed that with a live band it’s very rare that the dancing stops – it usually lasts all night long? There are no ‘dead-spots’ – these troubadours perform week-in-week-out and know instinctively what works with audiences.
  • Unlike an inanimate CD, live music is visceral – it hits you in your gut and sears through your body. You literally feel the music! It is transformational and physically energises people. Yes, a lovely couple, wedding cake and copious alcohol add to the ambience but a live band transforms a reception into a spectacular event!
  • But live bands aren’t just for weddings. At corporate events, you really need a band to create a chilled, relaxed ambience. Jazz bands and ‘Post-Modern Duke Box’ bands are sweeping up the market here. Bands such as The Gatsby Gems relax people; their presence subliminally creates a chilled vibe conducive to smoothly schmoozing the night away with those (normally) formal colleagues. Live music (and a splash of alcohol) has the unearthly power to soothe the most savage corporate beast!
  • Remember: live bands are for hire and desire! If you want an evening of pure rock and roll, or a Mumford Style Folk Band then our bands can seamlessly cater for your fancy. All your desires can be satisfied just by selecting that perfect band to make a good night into an all-around musical extravaganza that people will be talking about for months.


So how do I book a band? Three simple steps:

  1. Have a look at the wide range of bands we represent – we have a band for every musical taste.
  2. If you would like more details on a band or musician, please fill in a contact form below– we promise not to give you the hard sell but will give you honest advice about band selection, availability, cost etc
  3. After you have a think, you may decide to book through our agency but If at the end of the day you don’t book through us – that’s life! But whatever decision you make, we hope that your special event is memorable and everything you hope for – so happy planning!
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