Mumford style wedding band

Weddings are undeniably the best social occasion. Celebrating love, family, friends, and for the religious amongst you, God. As the evening rolls on, the celebration kicks into gear, and guests embrace the happy couple, but the atmosphere, the mood of the entire evening is nothing without music. Music is to a wedding reception; what icing is to cake.
While many people opt for a DJ to play their favourite tunes, it can never compete with the power of a live band or wedding singer. Here’s why!

The Electric Atmosphere
No one raves about hearing a recording of their favourite song. But a live concert has an atmosphere, unlike any other. That’s why you need to hire a band. The strum of the guitar, the dazzling vocals and your guests singing along. There is no competition. With a live band, the air is electric. Excitement runs through the crowd. Everyone from grandmas to old friends, husbands and wives, children and teenagers will head down to the dancefloor for a live band; as they respond to the feel of the crowd, to the mood in the room.

The Personal Touch
DJ’s can be great, but in the age of the iPod the novelty has worn off. You can listen to the same songs anytime, anywhere. With a live band, you’re experiencing a one-off. A unique experience, unlike any other night – isn’t that why we love live music. A recording is a poor substitute.
Additionally, when you hire a band, you don’t have to restrict yourself to pop or rock. You can give the night a truly personal touch. Ceilidh bands, Mariachi bands, folk rock bands; you can even hire a classical quartet. You’ll be able to meet the wedding signers beforehand and discuss tracks, mood, and the feel of the night. Plus, with their years of experience, they’ll know just what you’re after.

The First Dance
Many weddings embrace the tradition of a first dance. The couple takes the stage and leads the crowd in the first song, their song. As the music dies, their friends and family join them, and the party starts. But for that moment: it’s them and the music. With a band, the romance runs high. The music feels real. It’s not just a first dance; it’s a serenade.

The Night to Remember
Live music, unlike a DJ, is like love, unpredictable – in a good way. Songs will be suggested. The band will banter with your guests. As the crowd rises, the music will too. People will experience music they’ve never heard before. With a live band, you get something unconventional: custom-made. You can pick the songs, choose the mood. If you want a part of the ceremony or evening to be highlighted, that is entirely possible. If you want, you can try something no one has done before.
Put simply; you can create a night to remember; your night!