Vintage singer for hire

When we think of weddings, we picture the cake, the dress, a beautiful service, and confetti showering down upon the happy couple. You might even imagine the food. Yet, it is the music that truly sets the scene, from the moment the wedding march begins to play, right through to the early hours, when the last stragglers stagger off the dance floor.
However, few appreciate the sheer range of options available. Weddings are your dream day. They are a chance for you to try something different, to show off your personality as a couple. So, if you’ve always dreamed of a string-quartet or you love the swooning melody of a sax solo, the choice is yours.
Here are some exciting ideas for wedding singers and wedding musicians available, as well as how to use them.
Solo wedding singers
When you take to the floor for the first dance, the mood is intimate and romantic. The perfect accompaniment to the moment is a solo wedding singer. They’re stunning voices sway as you dance around the floor, rising as your guests join you. Solo wedding singers rely upon their voices to sell the song. Still, they are often accompanied by the highest-quality backing tracks. Plus, they will meet you beforehand to discuss your choice of songs, with most having an extensive back-catalogue of styles and genres from which to choose.
Solo acoustic artists
Typically, combining a beautiful, lyrical voice with their instrument of choice: usually an acoustic guitar or piano. Solo acoustic artists can bring soul and gravitas to an evening as they belt out your favourite songs as well as family-friendly classics. Electric instruments are fantastic, but there’s something about an acoustic guitar or piano teamed with a mesmerizing voice. You know everyone will be discussing their favourite songs for months to come.
For the reception
Picture the scene: the wedding ceremony has gone perfectly, the confetti’s been thrown, and you and your guests are sauntering into the reception. Drinks are being served; delicious canapes are carried around. Everyone is talking about the spectacle they’ve just witnessed: what better to accompany the mood than a talented pianist or harpist to serenade the crowd? Their delicate hands, effortlessly play a beautiful classical piece, or whatever genre you prefer. It’s a conversation starter: a mood-enhancer. It’s the cherry on the cake – it sets you up for the remarkable evening to come. 
Something special
If you’re looking for something unique, something unusual: consider hiring a saxophonist. Many are fantastic wedding musicians, that’ll give you an evening with a jazzy twist. Either alone or as part of a large jazz band, the saxophone can welcome you in from the ceremony, or get everyone from kids to their grandmas dancing on the floor. If you have a specific song you want to be played, wedding musicians are talented enough to adapt to your request. Plus, it’ll be a pleasant surprise for all your guests. To paraphrase Nat King Cole: It’s unforgettable!