Hire a vintage singer

Your wedding is likely to be the best day of your life, but the build up to it can be very stressful. Planning a wedding day can be extremely time-consuming and has many features you must consider. One of the most important requirements you need to get right is to hire a wedding singer that is suitable for the type of music performance you are looking for your wedding ceremony and reception. The style of music you choose to play will set the tone for the entire day and for what is to come, so you should take the time to hiring wedding singers that will best fit your style and taste. There are so many wedding musicians to choose from, so it can quickly become very daunting. If you are struggling with your wedding music, take a look at this short guide on what you need to know when hiring a singer or musician.

Do you have a style in mind?
One of the most obvious factors to consider when looking for your wedding singers is what type of musical genre you prefer. Why would you hire a jazz singer for your wedding if you don’t even like listening to jazz? Choose a genre that you and your partner both enjoy so that it will elevate your wedding celebrations. When you know your musical style, then you can begin looking and hiring a singer that will best fit your wedding celebration.

Decide on your budget and stick to it
The worst feeling you will experience when planning is when you find the perfect wedding singer or musician, but they are too expensive or already booked.  Before you start getting invested in a particular artist, make sure they are available on your wedding date and fall within your budget.
The price typically depends on the number of singers, and performance time. Create a price range that you are happy paying and find a wedding singer that falls within it. Then determine how long you would like them to perform, will it be for the ceremony and drinks reception or maybe just for the evening’s entertainment. Also, take in to account you singer will need feeding and supplied with refreshments especially if they will be there all day. Consider getting a solo singer rather than a trio or duo to cut back on expenses. Save your time and energy by planning this step out before you start contacting us.

Find your perfect wedding singer
Now that you know your budget and musical style, the next step is to search for your wedding singers. The best way is too book through us at Music8; we have all styles and genres of singers, and musicians for you to view. You can check out their music videos and read testimonials from previous couples. Not only that, there will be a full list of songs that the singer will perform, so you will have everything you need to decide right in front of you. Also, booking through us you will have the insurance that if there is a problem we will have a back-up singer or musician just in case.

Discuss any requirements
Once you find a singer that fits your style, budget, and schedule, it is time to organize their services. Decide what kind of performance you wish, as well as what they might need from you to achieve it. You want to have everything laid out to avoid any misunderstandings or issues on the day of your wedding. We will require a deposit to secure the booking and then issue a contract covering every detail.

Book your singer well In advance
Always book your wedding singers or musicians well in advance, at least a eight months to a year if not longer before your wedding date. Wedding singers are frequently in demand, so their schedules fill up quickly especially at peak times.  Don’t hesitate for too long when considering, or else they might get hired for another wedding. Selecting someone months in advance will also help iron out all the details for the reception.

​Contact your singer
While you should refrain from constantly messaging the artist before your wedding, do check-in when you have any new questions or new requests. Once your booking is confirmed make sure you get in touch and introduce yourselves, and to discuss which songs in their repertoire you would like them to perform and most importantly which song you would like them to sing for your first dance. A professional singer knows the importance of this so make sure you let them know as soon as you can, thus allowing plenty of time to learn it in advance.
Music is probably the best part of any wedding celebration, so take the time to hire a singer that you enjoy listening to the most. Do your researches, develop an appropriate budget, and plan to hire the best performer for your reception. Use Music8 to narrow your search, and thoroughly discuss expectations before hiring. Use this guide to help you in your search for the perfect wedding singer or musician!