Gatsby trio for hire

Let’s get one thing straight: everyone loves live music. From ballroom orchestras to folk groups, live music has all the essential ingredients to make your event sparkle.
But there are few live music bands out there that can bring the glamour, the energy, the class and the elegance that a vintage band can. There really is no competition for a vintage act that can call on the swing, big band, bebop, rock n’ roll, jive and more to get feet on the dance floor.
In this blog post, we’re going to tighten our bow ties, slip on our blue suede shoes and dive into the music of yesteryear to find out why vintage bands are the live act you should hire for a wedding, corporate get-together or family event.

Music that stands the test of time
There is a reason the music that vintage bands play has stayed popular through the years and that’s because the tunes are just as good now as they were way back when. Vintage speakeasy music like jazz and rock n’ roll offers up the perfect mix of rip-roaring swinging bops and slow, soulful ballads, that constantly keep your guests on their toes, both figuratively and literally. One minute, you’ll be doing the hand jive to a high-speed rockabilly, the next minute you’ll have couples melting together with a heart-wrenching tear-jerker. It’s all there and the best vintage bands are the ones who know how best to mix songs from all genres that fall under the vintage banner.

Bands to fit the best party themes
Hiring yourself a vintage jazz band for your event opens a wealth of possibilities for how you want to plan your event, what theme you want to go for and what dress code you have in mind. Vintage bands cover anything from the 1920s to the 1960s and the scope of themes you can pick from in that range are some of the classiest and easiest to organise out there. You could go for the Gatsby glam with measured bowties, flapper headbands and evening dresses. You could hit the rock n’ roll scene with leather jackets, poodle skirts and blue jeans. You could even hit up the forties with soldier uniforms and flowery shirt dresses. Vintage party bands can change their music and how they look to best fit your theme, so they’re the perfect choice for a themed get together.

Players that make a complete vintage package
One of the great things about vintage bands is that they go that extra mile to inhabit the role of the vintage musicians they aspire to be. They’ll don the appropriate outfit for their music output, they’ll play the same instruments that their predecessors originally played, like double-basses and muted trumpets, and they’ll adopt the same stage patter that wouldn’t have been out of place in the vintage eras. In short, they’ll walk, talk, look and sound just like the real thing. You aren’t just hiring a musical act, you’re hiring a full-on performance piece. For an immersive and memorable entertainment package for your event, vintage bands have got you covered.

Setlists that have something for everyone
It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, what your background is, chances are, you’ll love a vintage band. Their music has some of the broadest appeals out there and more often than not, they’ll have tunes that almost everyone has heard before and can appreciate and enjoy. Tunes like Johnny B. Good, In The Mood and Fly Me To The Moon have the kind of broad appeal that you just can’t find anywhere else. And if you’re looking to cater to a younger crowd, certain vintage bands will happily play uproarious covers of current chart hits – all you have to do is ask. For music that hits the spot every time, go with a vintage band.

It just so happens that here at Music8 Agency, we’ve got some of the best vintage bands around! From skiffle to boogie woogie, dixieland jazz to jump blues and rock n’ roll, if you’re looking to hire a party band, we’ll pair you up with the perfect vintage group for your tastes and requirements. Just get in touch with our contact form and get the ball rolling on your event today!