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Looking to hire a ceilidh band? A barn dance or ceilidh is a fantastic way to ensure that your guests interact regardless of their age or capability – and if there are some who cannot partake then they too can find pleasure in listening to the music or watching the antics of the dancers.
Playing traditional music with a dash of imagination and a hint of swing, 

About Ceilidh Band

The Ceilidh Band are one of the South East’s most popular Barn Dance bands. They have been delighting audiences for over 25 years and are very friendly and approachable Keith is also happy to chat over your ideas on the phone. They provide all sound equipment and always come with a fun caller to encourage everyone to get up and dance.


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Ceilidh Band

Make your event unique with a ceilidh band! A ceilidh band will provide joyful and energetic entertainment for guests of all ages and a fantastic way to bring people together through traditional music and dancing. Learn more about the benefits of hiring an experienced ceilidh band here.

Add a Unique Atmosphere to Your Event.

Ceilidh bands provide an atmosphere of excitement and fun to your event like no other. With a ceilidh band, you can ensure that your event will have a unique and lively atmosphere from start to finish. The upbeat music and lively instruction provided by the ceilidh band will bring people together for hours of entertainment and good cheer.

Provide Guests with Professional Entertainment.

When you hire a professional ceilidh band, you can ensure your guests will receive the best quality entertainment and instruction. The musicians in traditional ceilidh bands are experts in their field, able to play a variety of instruments, from fiddle and whistles to guitar and drums. With years of experience performing across Scotland and beyond, the members of these ceilidh bands know exactly how to keep the energy levels high at your event with crowd-pleasing performances!

Bring an Enjoyable Social Aspect to Your Event.

A professional ceilidh band can bring an enjoyable social aspect to your special event, adding movement, music and fun to a room. Get your guests up dancing with traditional Scottish dances such as the Reel, Strip the Willow and Gay Gordon’s — sweetened by live Celtic music! What better way to ensure that everyone has a memorable time? Guests of all ages will enjoy this lively social activity. Your ceilidh band can add instructions between the dances so members of the party who are unfamiliar with the steps can learn how to join in.

Enjoy Variety in Musical Genres and Styles.

When you hire a professional ceilidh band, you will benefit from their years of expertise in playing traditional Scottish tunes. The lively music allows for plenty of variety, such as jigs and reels traditional dance instrumentals the modern classics. A pro ceilidh band’s repertoire might include country swing tunes, pop songs played with a folk twist, stunning vocal performances and more. Think folk-inspired versions of your favourite hits!

Hiring the Right Band will Make a Lasting Impression on Your Guests.

When you hire a professional ceilidh band, you can rest assured that they understand how to create the perfect atmosphere at your event. From selecting the right lineup and instruments to mastering each sound to ensure they’re heard loud and clear, experienced musicians know exactly what needs to be done to keep the dance floor packed. Moreover, they can provide expert advice on the venue and sound requirements and construct a full set list to ensure everyone enjoys their experience!



Absolutely fantastic! Loved the feel the fiddle gave to the music, would most definitely book again and the band were all so lovely – Well done and thank you.


Wanted to send a quick ‘thank you’ to you and the rest of the band. My guests and I loved the dancing and music 😊 You very much adapted to the mood of the event and helped maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you!

Lisa Zevi 10/10

The band were wonderful-a very enjoyable evening!


The band were great. Thank you very much. We had torrential rain throughout our party but the marquee stayed dry and everyone loved the band and the barn dance.


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