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Logan is a very experienced Scottish bagpiper based in London and would be delighted to pipe on your special occasion. He started to play when he was 8 years old and since then he has piped at numerous weddings, Burns Suppers, ceilidhs, private parties and other events.

About Logan

Recent highlights include piping and being interviewed in St Andrews on the film set for Mark Wahlberg's TV series, “Meet the Wahlbergs”, piping at the British and Irish Lions leaving dinner, and piping at a major corporate event for 600 people in London. The pipes are an incredibly stirring and evocative instrument and will help make your event all the more memorable.


Sample Repertoire
Scotland The Brave
Flower of Scotland
Amazing Graze
Highland Cathedral
The Dark Aisle
The Atholl Highlanders
Sky Boat
Green Fields
Auld Lang Syne
Bonnie Hills of Loch Lomond

And many more..

Hire a bagpiper

Making a Lasting Impression – Why Hire a Bagpiper for a Wedding or Event

If you’re looking for a unique way to make your wedding or event stand out, why not consider hiring a bagpiper? From beautiful traditional tunes to modern ones, a bagpiper can add an unforgettable moment and a unique touch to any special occasion.

Uplift guests’ spirits with captivating sounds.

The traditional sounds of a bagpiper captivate guests and uplift their spirits. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or special event, the melodious tunes of a bagpiper elevate the occasion, providing an enchanting atmosphere for all to enjoy. Bagpipers provide music that is as familiar as it is stirring, making it ideal for any gathering.

Make a grand entrance with tradition and heritage.

Hiring a bagpiper for your wedding or event is the perfect way to add a touch of tradition and heritage. Bagpipes have been used for centuries to bring joy to special occasions, so by having a bagpiper you can give your gathering an extra dose of grandeur and sophistication. Your guests will be taken back to another time as you usher in their grand entrance with the timeless sound of a bagpipe melody.

 Create an atmosphere of spontaneous joy and applause.

Bagpipes can bring a unique and delightful atmosphere of spontaneous joy and applause. The sound of a bagpipe creates an emotion that is built with slow, profound music that resonates deeply with the audience. The effect will be one of grandeur and awe as your guests are welcomed with a sense of timeless appreciation for the traditional instrument. With this special touch, you can ensure that your event has all the right ingredients to leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

 Captivate crowd attention for speeches and presentations.

With the presence of a bagpiper, you can guarantee that your formation or speeches at your event will be truly captivating. The soothing sound of the bagpipe to emphasize key moments such as weddings, speeches, or other important events helps encourage silent reverence and attention. As the sound of the pipes echoes out over your crowd they are often smitten by their charm, making attendees more receptive to any words that follow. Invoking a sense of nostalgia and ceremony, your wise words will reach their intended target with ease and elegance.

 Inspire the perfect backdrop for photographs and videos.

The bagpipe’s ability to bring a sense of drama and passion to any event can be seen in lots of photos, videos and memories last for years. The beautiful tones and melodies are often part of the best memories made at events such as weddings, funerals, parades, graduations and even corporate events. Whether it is a solo piper or group performer, the haunting sound of the pipes is the perfect backdrop for your photographs to capture the grandeur and romance on film.


Logan was top class. Everyone loved him + his piping was exceptional.

Jamie Griggs 

Logan went above and beyond to make my wedding day. He piped us into amazing grace, he looked top-notch. He then played at the reception and again played some fantastic tunes and he even hung around after to chat with the guest who all loved him

Harriet Day

Logan provided a great service for my dad’s funeral. Highly professional and arrived promptly.

Ben Dennis 

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