Why are Festival Style Weddings So Popular Right Now?

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Gone are the days when hosting a wedding was solely a staid, formal affair. Today’s couples are embracing a more casual wedding where they can make their own personal mark.

Inspired by the likes of Coachella and Burning Man or Glastonbury and Tomorrowland, festival weddings are the latest trend reimagining the wedding experience. Think of a long weekend with friends and family under the stars, with a great festival style wedding band and even better food.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Whether your style is Boho chic or ‘60s flairs, there’s no better way to mark your special day than with a festival-style wedding. It’s a chance to break away from traditions and formalities whilst still holding to what makes a wedding really a wedding.

After all, isn’t that what weddings are all about – food, family, friends, fabulous music, and love.

What is a festival wedding?

Festival weddings aren’t exactly new. But while most weddings relegate the music and the dancing to the sides, they’re the main event in festival weddings.

Who doesn’t love a good festival?

Incredible food. Beautiful setting. And the greatest music ever, jammin’ on the stage.

The better question isn’t why wouldn’t you plan a festival wedding? No standing on ceremony. You can relax and be yourself – in love and at ease. It’s also a chance to have fun with your friends and family.

So, throw out the rule book. Rethink old traditions and really express yourself. I mean, isn’t the big day supposed to be about the bride and groom. (And why not throw a little extra music in the mix.)

5 Tips to Creating an Unforgettable Festival Style Wedding

To hold a wedding fest to rival Burning Man, you’ll need some top tips. Remember, it’s about expressing your personality, having fun, and, most importantly, making the most of your budget.

Keep it chilled

To suit and establish the tone – keep the ceremony relaxed. Try to loosen everyone up at the start: a few jokes and a song go a long way. After all, it’s a chance to show your love to one another – and an opportunity for people to share in the romance.

A live band serenading you down the aisle is also a lovely touch. Pick your favourite song, go with a festival classic, or stick to the traditions – it’s up to you.

Think licensed barn venues or quirky country houses for the venue. They’ll even provide you with the space to set up your own festival style reception. And you can decorate with bunting, marquees, hay bales, and wildflowers to give a low-fi, chilled aesthetic.

So, let the laughter flow and the music play.

Hire a band

Can you even hold a wedding fest without a band? That’s like a doughnut without the jam. Whether you like powerful acoustic performances, folk ballads, or cutting loose to some Soul and Motown, music is the beat to which the wedding flows.

Don’t fret about what people think or like.

Music should be woven throughout your festival wedding. Hiring a band is just the start. Invite musical friends to do a guest performance. Ask one of the musicians to entertain your guests as they arrive … Keep it fun and authentic.

It’s all about creating little musical moments – the ones you don’t forget. What music are you looking for when you hire a band? What do you want to dance to at your festival wedding?

Go bold and eclectic

If you’re doing a festival wedding, why not go all-in? No authentic festival experience is complete without the tent. But don’t settle for a small nylon 2-sleeper.

Yurts, tents, and tipis can form the focal points of your wedding. It can be the stage for your wedding band or where you host the ceremony—the perfect place to sing-a-long with the remaining guests long into the night.

Decorate with bunting and lights – it’ll truly be a magical centrepiece to your festival style wedding.

Just don’t forget to budget extra – you’ll need things like chair and table hire. And spare some thought for the logistics of where to place your tipi or yurt at the venue. Although some hire companies even provide bar staff as well.

Head outdoors

The outdoors doesn’t need to stop with a tipi bar. To capture the true feel of a festival, you’ve got to head outdoors. You can even host the wedding ceremony outside. Plenty of traditional weddings already conducts the drinks reception on the lawn. Why not go one better? Why not host the whole festival wedding outside?

Arrange benches and flowers for the ceremony. Pop up the tipi bar ready for the reception. And spark a fire for the evening’s entertainment under the stars.

In short: think up a fun and creative way to use your outside space.

Create a dress code

We all know the standard wedding getup. At the fanciest of weddings, men are decked out in coats and tails, the ladies in long flowing dresses.

But increasingly, couples are injecting a little fun into the dress code. Setting a fabulous festival theme can get people talking from the moment the day begins

Here are a few ideas:

  • Everyone gets a colour from the rainbow – they’ve got to dress head to toe in that colour. Just picture your best man in bright orange.
  • Glitter and sequins. Get everybody sparkling with this simple but fantastic dress code.
  • The 60s. Channel the ultimate Woodstock experience by embracing the 60s.

Nor does the dress code need to stop with your clothes. Carry the theme into the decorations, from bunting to festival-style flags.

It’s your big day, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay traditional. Creating a festival style wedding means embracing the fun. It’s about putting music at the heart of the day. So, with great live bands for hire get planning. The wedding fest awaits…

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