Garden Party Bands for Hire

Gypsy jazz quartet

So, if you are planning a garden party this summer and not sure about what music would make the occasion special. Well, you have come to the right place. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best party bands for hire for a garden party that you can enjoy.

Music lovers are everywhere, and it is an essential part of any party. Selecting the right music will ensure that your guests will feel good and might even get up to dance. The right song will have a lasting impact on everyone around you.

You will need to be clever in hiring the best party bands, so you need to make it exciting. Below are some music ideas you may find helpful. 

Folk Bands

When we think of folk music, we usually think of a classic Irish folk band playing all of your favourite Irish songs. A folk band can consist of up to six members who play instruments such as the banjo, fiddle, acoustic guitars, and mandolin. Traditional folk music, as well as the genre that grew from it in the twentieth century, folk revival, has been around for a long time and in many various forms. Other types of folk music are also referred to as world music.


Thanks to Mumford and Sons, a new kind of folk rock has emerged in recent years. These folk-rock style bands are great for a garden party, and if you want something a little more rustic? You’ll adore these Mumford Folk bands if you like guitars, foot-stomping beats, fiddles, and banjos.

Roaming Acoustic Band

For any outdoor garden party, an acoustic roaming band is an excellent choice. When you engage in a roving band, the musicians will mingle and socialise with your family and friends. They will urge people to sing along to their favourite pop tunes, which will be enjoyed by everybody. A wandering band might have anywhere from two to five musicians. Acoustic guitars, double bass, snare drum, and even a saxophone are sure to deliver a terrific day’s entertainment and elevate your garden party to another level. 

Mariachi Bands

Mariachi bands are a lot of fun, and they play everything from energetic music to romantic serenades and even modern pop songs… all in the Mariachi manner, of course! When you engage these musicians at a garden party, you will get a beautiful flavour of Mexico. A Mariachi band can perform in one spot or like the roaming bands above they can mingle with your guests.

Mariachi bands

Hire a String Quartet

To be honest, nothing compares to a string quartet. Whether you want to hear something classical or some sophisticated pop music, the string quartet can accommodate you. A string ensemble will lend a touch of class to your garden party, especially if it is a wedding celebration. When booking a string quartet, keep in mind that you’ll need to offer four armless chairs so they may freely play their instruments.

Acoustic Bands

Are you possibly looking for something a little bit more intimate? Then Acoustic bands, a duo or even a solo artist are the perfect options for the ever-popular garden party, and they will not be as loud as a live band. They also have similar repertoires to a band, performing all the modern and classic pop songs you love to hear.

acoustic duos for weddings

Jazz Bands for Hire

Last but not least, we have a popular jazz band. Jazz appears to never go out of style and is constantly reinvented. These new-style vintage jazz bands are becoming increasingly popular, and are an ideal alternative for a garden party, thanks to the introduction of postmodern jukebox, which allows you to take a new song and perform it in an old-fashioned way.

Wrapping Up

Music is an important aspect of any garden party. Some of the best music options for a garden party are listed above, and you will undoubtedly enjoy them. Choose your favourite genre and have a good time. Make sure you know what you want and that you have a plan in place. Before finalising anything with them, it’s a good idea to talk to the band and the musician. It would be fantastic if you took into account the preferences of your visitors. Before selecting a band, look at their reviews to get a better idea of the style of music you’ll be hearing during your party. Let us make a lasting impression by selecting the appropriate party band for the occasion.


It is important that you have an electric supply for any equipment and some cover like a gazebo for your band.