Woodland Wedding Venue East Sussex

Woodland Wedding Venue East Sussex

If you are planning a wedding at this moment and looking for the perfect wedding venue East Sussex, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to look at this special enchanted woodland wedding venue which we are sure you will love.
Wickerwood Farm is situated in a corner of East Sussex and only an hour and a half from central London and less than one hour from Brighton. This beautiful tipi wedding venue allows couples to create their own specific style of wedding, with wild woodlands and around three acres of farmland, with beautiful views and a stunning lake filled with water lilies.
Wickerwood Farm venue is an eco-friendly venue and hosts several weddings and events of up to a maximum of 120 guests. The lake offers a delightful private area by the edge of the water for an intimate unlicensed ceremony.
No wedding is complete without live music, and with festival style weddings on the increase, what could be better than this East Sussex wedding venue with camping available for you outdoor lovers. Camping may not be for everyone, so with that in mind, Wickerwood farm has teamed up with Fair Oak Farm supplying luxurious accommodation just 15 minutes away.
When you hire a band, it will complement your festival theme. Wickerwood Farm has teamed up with Music8 to supply live music for their wedding couples, which will elevate your wedding day to the next level. What music lover wouldn’t want a great festival style folk wedding band at their wedding? With festival-style bands and acoustic roaming bands, you will be spoilt for choice, so why not check them out today and find your perfect band.
At Wickerwood Farm, you also have the option of 3-day weekend hire.
When you hire a bell tent, you will find them comfortable and affordable accommodation, and they look fantastic.
What could be better than a wedding weekend with all your friends and family at this fabulous woodland wedding venue with nature right on the doorstep?
These bell tents will allow up to 4-people to share and have comfy beds and fresh linen with fantastic views.
So what are you waiting for, check out this beautiful wedding venue in East Sussex today, and see everything it has to offer.


How-to Guide For Wedding Musicians


Hire a string quartet

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times and can take up to the best part of a year to organise. Choosing and booking your wedding musicians requires careful deliberation, and it is important to get this right.
You are probably deliberating which wedding musicians you should hire, so we are going to provide you with some options for the ceremony, afternoon drinks reception and the evening’s entertainment.
We will take you through the booking guide and throw in some tips along the way.

1. The wedding ceremony
2. The drinks reception
3. The evening entertainment
4. Booking your wedding musicians
5. Final thoughts
The Wedding Ceremony
Live musicians for the ceremony are a great option and would bring a touch of elegance and charm to the occasion. Three of the most popular choices are:
String Quartet
These string instruments sound exceptionally heavenly when performed in a church or venue with similar acoustics.
What could be lovelier than a solo musician like a harpist, violinist, or a string quartet performing while your guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin? They don’t take long to set up, and would usually play for around 20 minutes or so. Make sure you let them know any special songs you require, and they will make sure it is added to the list.
Wedding musicians are not just restricted to performing before the ceremony but also for:
1. The arrival of the bride
2. Performing while singing hymns
3. Signing of the register
4. Leaving the ceremony

Eleanor is available for wedding ceremonies and drinks reception and has a wide range of repertoire from classical to popular covers. She can play with or without backing tracks and is happy to take a special song request you may have.
The Drinks Reception
The reception is an opportunity for your guests to mingle and have conversations with family and friends and distant cousins they haven’t seen for a while. This is a great time to have some background music and a string quartet would be ideal.
A string quartet comprises four musicians who play a variety of string instruments, consisting of a cello, viola, and two violins. The violinists provide a song’s melody; the viola supports the mid-range harmonies; the cellist plays the bassline. They play together to create a harmonious piece of music perfect for a wedding. These wedding musicians not only play classical music but more popular chart songs everyone will know, rock and pop have you have never heard before.
Popular music played with classical instruments is surging in popularity, and you could even have your acoustic quartet perform as an electric string quartet providing a bit more energy to the event.
All you need would be 4 chairs with no armrests allowing them to play freely.

Classic & Electric Strings are one of the North West’s leading string ensembles. They are available for hire throughout the UK as a leading classical or electric string quartet. They will provide the perfect musical experience to enhance your memorable day.
Other options for a drink’s reception could be acoustic roaming bands which would be perfect if your reception is outdoors on a sunny afternoon. These roaming musicians will mix and mingle with your guests providing a more upbeat drinks reception.

Bella Acoustic is a roaming band based in London consisting of 4 amazing musicians with 4 stunning voices. Playing songs from every era & genre, the girls bring infectious energy & charm to your wedding day.
You could hire a jazz band and have them play in the background during your reception, it will be cool. You’ll be ensuring that you and your guests have lots of conversations, fun, and laughter. Jazz bands come in all shapes and sizes, but for an afternoon reception, a 3 or 4 pieces would be ideal.
Another favourite option for couples is acoustic duos consisting of a vocalist and acoustic guitarist. The reason these are a great option is their versatility. They can perform at the ceremony and for your drinks reception they can play chilled background songs or can up the tempo with your favourite toe-tapping pop favourites. They can then comfortably provide an evening’s entertainment that would keep the dance floor busy.

The Bandits are a high-energy wedding acoustic duo bringing you the best in popular music. Katharina and Mike are professional musicians who work together to bring innovative sounds to songs both old and new. Katharina brings a unique and stunning vocal performance accompanied by Mike on acoustic guitar including a looping pedal.
Other wedding musicians could be a pianist, bagpiper and of course the saxophonist. A sax player will have a large repertoire of tunes to pick from and can easily tailor their performance to your specific tastes and requirements.
The Evening Entertainment
In most cases, this is where your entertainment will become livelier, and you will want to create an atmosphere and an evening everyone will enjoy and remember for a long time.
There are endless choices here, if you don’t use any of the type of musicians we have previously discussed for the evening’s entertainment, you are more than likely considering the option to hire a band.
There are so many options for band hire covering many genres and styles. You need to select a band that not only you and your partner will enjoy but one that your family and friends are going to like, and will keep the dance floor full.
Here are a few ideas:
Funk & Soul Band
Indie Rock Band
Folk-Rock Band
Acoustic Band
Vintage Swing Band
Electro Swing Band
All these bands you will find on our website, or you could go for a function band that will cover different genres, thus providing music from various decades.
A professional band will usually perform 2 x 60 minute sets with a short break and many also offer a DJ service.
All bands will bring a PA system and some stage lighting.
They will also take the time to learn your special song for the first dance.
Booking Your Wedding Musicians
Booking a wedding musician is easy through Music8, a deposit will be required to secure your musicians and then a contract will be drawn up for you and the artist. Final payment of the outstanding balance will be required the week of the wedding.
Will they learn a song?
Yes, if you want to have your special song for the first dance for example then your musicians will always take the time to learn this for you.
Can I speak to the musicians before booking?
The simple answer is yes, we think it is a good idea to do this just to put your mind at ease and know you have booked the right musicians for you.
Do I Need to Provide Anything?
A supply of soft drinks and a buffet-style meal would be very much appreciated especially if they are booked for 2 or 3 stages of your wedding day.
Check that they can park as close to the venue as possible to save time unloading their equipment.
If you are holding an event outdoors your wedding musicians will need some cover like a gazebo and electrical supply.
Always check if the venue has a sound limiter in place.
Final Thoughts
With so many wedding musicians to choose from we hope you found this guide useful in your search. It is always a good idea once you have a date in place for your wedding to book early, especially if it falls between the months of May-October which is the main wedding season.
Prices will vary depending on how many musicians, the distance they have to travel, and in some cases, accommodation may be required.
It is always a good idea to create a budget and stick to it, and if you want music throughout the day then you can save money by utilising some musicians we have discussed by performing for 2 or even all 3 phases of your wedding day.
If any songs that are on your musicians repertoire that you don’t want to be played make sure you let them know.
Please feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation free quote for any musician or band.
If you require any information at all please do get in touch we are always happy to help.


A Simple Guide To Hire a Covers Band


Hire an indie rock band
A covers band also known as a party band, wedding band, or function band plays live music covers of popular chart, pop, and rock songs. If you are looking to hire a band for your wedding, party or event then check out this simple guide that will help you with your decision-making.
          What genres of cover bands do you have?
Cover bands info
           Do I need to provide anything?
         How do I book a band?         
Final thoughts

What cover bands do you have?
With so many cover bands for hire, we have decided to list some for you covering a few different genres.


The Maida Vales: Are an Indie Folk-Rock band with a charismatic lead singer in Paul Littler. A superb party band that has performed at weddings and corporate events all over the UK and Europe they can cover every aspect of your event. If you are looking to hire a band for a wedding then you can’t go wrong with The Maida Vales. They can also offer an acoustic duo for a song at the ceremony or 90 minutes of acoustic fun for your drinks reception and then the full band for a high-energy evening of entertainment.

FunkStars: If you are looking to hire a Funk & Soul band then check out this excellent band for a wedding, your corporate event, birthday party, or any life celebrations…anything or anywhere that needs a bit of funkin up, jazzin down or groovin around! The band is available as a 5 piece up to a 9 piece band.

Mumford Rocks: Mumford style folk bands are all the rage and this folk wedding band will give you a night to remember with dancing, fun, and big sing-alongs! They will perform one set acoustically and finish off with an indie-rock set to blow you away.

Bella Acoustic: This all-female acoustic roaming band is four amazing musicians with 4 stunning voices. Playing songs from every era & genre from the 60′ to the present, the girls bring infectious energy & charm to your wedding day or corporate event. The girls will mingle with the guests which makes them perfect if you are holding your event or wedding outdoors.

Speakeasy Swing Band: Are you considering a Vintage band? Then grab your dancin’ shoes ‘cos the roaring 20s are here to stay! Taking you back to the golden age of jazz, This band is a roaring seven-piece swing band performing hits from the speakeasy bars of the Prohibition era. They have had audiences jumpin’ and jivin’ on dance floors across the UK!

Cover Bands Info

Each band will have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificates and a portable appliance tested (PAT) certification which will be renewed every 12 months. This is usually requested by the venue holding the event.

How long to set up and how long do they play for
The standard set-up time is around 60-90 minutes depending on how far it is from the car parking to the stage.
The standard set times for a covers band will either be 2 x 60 minutes or 3 x 40 minutes with around 20-minute breaks in between.
Most bands will also provide a free DJ service in between sets to keep the music going all night. This is usual music on a iPod or pc played through their PA system.

A professional covers band will come self-contained with sound equipment and additional lighting for the performance area if it is required.

​How much space do they need?
A general guide for a 3-piece band is a space of 3 m x 3 m. This will increase by an additional meter for every additional band member. So for example a 4-piece band would need 4 m x 3 m and so on. This space is required for PA equipment, drums, amps, and any lighting, etc. So always check the venue has enough room before booking the size of the band and 13 amp plugs are available to plug in all their equipment.

​Do I Need to Provide Anything?
A supply of soft drinks and a buffet-style meal would be very much appreciated especially if it is for a wedding as it will likely be a long day for them.

Check that they can park as close to the venue as possible to save time unloading their equipment.

If you are holding an event outdoors your band will need some cover like a gazebo and electrical supply.

Always check if the venue has a sound limiter in place.

How do I book a band?
Booking a band is simple through Music8, a deposit will be required to secure your band and then a contract will be drawn up for you and the band. Final payment of the outstanding balance will be required the week of the event.

Will they learn a song?
Yes, if you want to have your special song for the first dance for example then a professional covers band will always take the time to learn this for you.

What happens if a band member is ill?
All our cover bands will have a deputy to cover any band member that is unable to make the day of the event through illness or for any over reason.

Can I speak to the band before booking?
The simple answer is yes, we think it is a good idea to do this to put your mind at ease to know you have booked the right band for you.

Final Thoughts
With so many bands to choose from we hope you found this guide useful in your search to hire a band. It is always a good idea once you have a date in place for a wedding or an event to book a band early especially if it falls between the months of May-October which is the main wedding season.

Prices will vary depending on band size, the distance the band has to travel and in some cases, accommodation may be required. Please feel free to get in touch for a free quote.

If you require any more information, please do get in touch we are always happy to help.


Tips on How to Hire a Singer for a Wedding


Hire a vintage singer

Your wedding is likely to be the best day of your life, but the build up to it can be very stressful. Planning a wedding day can be extremely time-consuming and has many features you must consider. One of the most important requirements you need to get right is to hire a wedding singer that is suitable for the type of music performance you are looking for your wedding ceremony and reception. The style of music you choose to play will set the tone for the entire day and for what is to come, so you should take the time to hiring wedding singers that will best fit your style and taste. There are so many wedding musicians to choose from, so it can quickly become very daunting. If you are struggling with your wedding music, take a look at this short guide on what you need to know when hiring a singer or musician.

Do you have a style in mind?
One of the most obvious factors to consider when looking for your wedding singers is what type of musical genre you prefer. Why would you hire a jazz singer for your wedding if you don’t even like listening to jazz? Choose a genre that you and your partner both enjoy so that it will elevate your wedding celebrations. When you know your musical style, then you can begin looking and hiring a singer that will best fit your wedding celebration.

Decide on your budget and stick to it
The worst feeling you will experience when planning is when you find the perfect wedding singer or musician, but they are too expensive or already booked.  Before you start getting invested in a particular artist, make sure they are available on your wedding date and fall within your budget.
The price typically depends on the number of singers, and performance time. Create a price range that you are happy paying and find a wedding singer that falls within it. Then determine how long you would like them to perform, will it be for the ceremony and drinks reception or maybe just for the evening’s entertainment. Also, take in to account you singer will need feeding and supplied with refreshments especially if they will be there all day. Consider getting a solo singer rather than a trio or duo to cut back on expenses. Save your time and energy by planning this step out before you start contacting us.

Find your perfect wedding singer
Now that you know your budget and musical style, the next step is to search for your wedding singers. The best way is too book through us at Music8; we have all styles and genres of singers, and musicians for you to view. You can check out their music videos and read testimonials from previous couples. Not only that, there will be a full list of songs that the singer will perform, so you will have everything you need to decide right in front of you. Also, booking through us you will have the insurance that if there is a problem we will have a back-up singer or musician just in case.

Discuss any requirements
Once you find a singer that fits your style, budget, and schedule, it is time to organize their services. Decide what kind of performance you wish, as well as what they might need from you to achieve it. You want to have everything laid out to avoid any misunderstandings or issues on the day of your wedding. We will require a deposit to secure the booking and then issue a contract covering every detail.

Book your singer well In advance
Always book your wedding singers or musicians well in advance, at least a eight months to a year if not longer before your wedding date. Wedding singers are frequently in demand, so their schedules fill up quickly especially at peak times.  Don’t hesitate for too long when considering, or else they might get hired for another wedding. Selecting someone months in advance will also help iron out all the details for the reception.

​Contact your singer
While you should refrain from constantly messaging the artist before your wedding, do check-in when you have any new questions or new requests. Once your booking is confirmed make sure you get in touch and introduce yourselves, and to discuss which songs in their repertoire you would like them to perform and most importantly which song you would like them to sing for your first dance. A professional singer knows the importance of this so make sure you let them know as soon as you can, thus allowing plenty of time to learn it in advance.
Music is probably the best part of any wedding celebration, so take the time to hire a singer that you enjoy listening to the most. Do your researches, develop an appropriate budget, and plan to hire the best performer for your reception. Use Music8 to narrow your search, and thoroughly discuss expectations before hiring. Use this guide to help you in your search for the perfect wedding singer or musician!


Looking for a Folk wedding band for a festival style wedding?


Folk wedding band London

Are you planning a wedding and have a festival style theme in mind? Then you need a Folk-Rock band in the style of Mumford and Sons. Barn style weddings are all the rage and that rustic feel makes these folk wedding bands the number one choice.
Not only do you get a great sound but these bands really look the part and with instruments such as a double bass, acoustic guitars, banjo and drums or a Cajon.
These folk bands for weddings will play acoustically for a drinks reception or early evening set and then later in the evening will play fully amplified performing all those pop and indie classics getting everyone on the dancefloor for a great evening’s entertainment.
Here are some cool Mumford style bands to look out for below.

GB Folks are a Hampshire based Vintage Folk band comprising of five passionate musicians, fronted by female and male vocals that provide live music to the highest standard. Known for their versatility and professionalism, this band has become one of the UK’s leading acoustic folk bands. 5 Piece Band: This line-up consists of Male/Female Lead Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Electric Guitar and Percussion.

The Preacher Men have over 2 decades of playing experience at the highest level, playing on bills with the likes of Mumford and Sons to The Rolling Stones. This folk wedding band will play classic folk and country tunes, as well a modern pop with a folk twist, Preacher Men can tailor their set to your requirements; from solo ceremony performances to roaming busking sets to full electric 5 piece Band.

This great Folk-Rock band specialise in classic folk and playing the modern folk masters, with a passionate, vibrant set that’s sure to get your crowd on the dance floor! If you want to book a folk band, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone better than these, and when it’s time to get those dancing feet on the floor they will rock you with all those indie anthems lead by their charismatic singer you will be blown away.

Mumford Rocks are a folk-rock indie band from London. These four mates come together to play some of their favourite music, and take it out on the road! The band will play the best Mumford-inspired music to a high level, Tim and the boys promise to give you a night to remember with dancing, fun and big sing-alongs! So if you are looking for a folk band for weddings then Mumford Rocks are perfect.
These are just four great options for a Mumford style folk band for a wedding, with plenty of others on our folk page to take a look at don’t leave it too long to book one for your wedding.


4 Great Live bands for hire for your event


​If you are holding an event or a party or maybe you are getting married you will want to hire a band that will make it into a great event.
We have listed four excellent live bands for hire below each in different genres.
The Maida Vales
This four Piece live band performing iconic indie, rock & roll and folk-rock classics from the last 50 years, with the likes of The Stones, The Kinks, The Strokes, Oasis and many more! Beautiful melodies, raucous riffs, driving bass lines and powerhouse blues beats this band will not disappoint. With a charismatic lead singer this band will have you on the dance floor all evening. Having played at weddings and corporate events all over the UK and Europe they know what is required to make your wedding or event amazing.

Hire an indie rock band

The Gatsby Gems
This fabulous trio will transport you to the glamorous sounds of the Golden Age, with a mix of the classic songs and more modern pop songs – including the popular Postmodern Jukebox! They will keep you on your feet dancing the night away at your event.  Songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra to Nirvana …there is something for everyone! This trio can be made available as a live band of up to 8 musicians depending on the size of your event.

Gatsby trio for hire

The Cure Band
Looking to hire a 5 piece Folk-Pop band? Then the Cure band is the perfect choice offering the choice of Irish music and Folk-Pop. The Cure have performed at many weddings and also provide the option for a stripped back acoustic set for those afternoon drink receptions.

Mumford style folk band

The Funk Stars
​Looking for a fantastic Funk and Soul band for your wedding then look no further. Funk stars are the band for your wedding, your corporate event, your birthday, your restaurant, your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, life celebrations…anything or anywhere that needs a bit of Funk, Soul, Motown and Jazz
With the sensational voice of Big Mama Funk they can provide anything from a 5 piece to a full 9 piece ba

Hire a funk band

10 Wedding Band Music Styles to Choose From


Hire an acoustic band

You’ll make many big decisions for your wedding. You’ll have to choose a venue, theme, dress, etc. Along with those big decisions, is another equally important one– deciding on the band to play at your celebration.
If you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, there are many things to keep in mind. One of those is that the band that plays says a lot about you and your spouse. Society sees it as a reflection of your personality and your tastes.
You should also pick a band that can get your guests dancing at your wedding. That’s why if you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, you should talk to us at Music8 Agency. The bands we have for hire are some of the best in the UK.
Now, there are many types of live bands that you could hire. In deciding, it’s usually best to consider the theme and style of your wedding. Sometimes, couples with a big enough budget will combine two or three to provide variety for the entire day. Here are ten wedding band styles that you should consider for your wedding.

  • Vintage and Jazz Bands

Vintage and Jazz bands are perfect for a wedding that is sophisticated but laid back at the same time. They can play easy listening music during your cocktail hour to entertain your guests. Then when it’s time for dancing after your wedding dinner, they can up the tempo of the music played.
A low-key vintage and jazz band will bring an effortlessly cool feel to your wedding atmosphere. As you hear them belt out the classics, you’ll be motivated to take a lovely trip down memory lane. They are also great for your vintage wedding, where they can enhance your celebration with a vintage soundtrack. 

  • Folk/Folk Rock Bands

If you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, a folk-rock band could hold all the answers. Especially if your venue has a rustic feel. It’ll keep everything on theme. Bands like these are festival favourites and if you’re having a festival styled wedding, you should consider them too.
Your guests will love the numbers this band performs, and even your grandma will tap in time to the beat. If they adopt the Mumford & Sons style, they’ll be a perfect backdrop to your amazing wedding too. 

  • Roaming Bands

Roaming bands are the best kind of band to get a wedding lively and fun. They are very interactive and move amongst guests from table to table. That’s where the “Roaming” came from. They are also known as strolling and wandering bands and you’ll love the experience. Rather than set up in one area of your wedding and perform from there all day, they’ll be right with your guests getting them to take part for a great entertainment time.

  • Soul, Funk, and Motown Bands

Soul, Funk, and Motown bands are an impressive addition to any kind of wedding. They’ll take you on a journey through time to when pop music had amazing harmonies and great vocals. You’ll love the unforgettable classics that are played and how they’ll be able to get your guests on their feet.
The bands we have here at Music8 Agency are talented in this area. They can switch from high romance to high energy with astounding versatility. Most of them are very talented vocalists. So, get ready to be carried away by a full brass section, soulful vocals, and funky bass lines. You won’t be able to tame your dancing feet.

  • Indie Bands

Indie bands are in a special class of their own for couples searching to hire a band for a wedding. They’ll bring a no-nonsense vibe while staying effortlessly cool as you and your guest are enthralled and dance along.
If you’re a bit of a pop-punk head, and a lover of the unique, this is just the band for you. It will surprise your friends to see otherwise at your wedding. Get ready to sing along to great anthems from the greats like Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, and Oasis. 

  • String Quartets Bands

Known in broader terms as an instrumental ensemble, String Quartets are an elegant choice for the wedding. If you’re having a breakfast or brunch ceremony, they’ll be just the perfect fit. They can play before and after the ceremony, then during your cocktail hour.
A String Quartet can also regale your guests during your wedding breakfast. There’s a reason String Quartets are the most popular amongst other instrument ensembles. Your wedding would do just beautifully with them.

  • Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands are the sounds of a summer wedding. Couples having their wedding in the summer and looking to hire a band for a wedding should look no further. An acoustic band is your answer. They are great for outdoor weddings in all weather and will bring great charm to your event. They’ll also play amazing pleasant tunes as they rock a Mumford and Sons style with rustic charm.
With an acoustic band on ground, you’ll see your guests beaming as your reception goes on and know that you’ve made the right choice. Some of them can give a roaming performance too. They’ll be able to interact with you and your guests leading to a more fun wedding entertainment experience.

  • Solo Artists

Picture you and your spouse slow dancing to amazing vocals sung specifically to you and for you at your first dance. That is the beauty a solo artist brings to your wedding. They are the most versatile of wedding entertainment and are great for a couple looking to personalise their wedding. We have a great number of phenomenal wedding singers available for your wedding here at Music8 Agency.

  • Singing Waiters

Feel surprised and then excited as a waiter who has blended into the crowd belts out a surprising tune for your wedding entertainment. That’s what singing waiters do at your wedding, and they are a delight. They quickly become a favourite for couples and their guests as they sing familiar tunes and can get everyone to sing along happily. Even your grandma!

  • Mariachi Bands

Who wouldn’t love to have the street musicians of Mexico entertain guests at their wedding? This strolling band featuring a violin, trumpet, guitar, and an accordion player is often dressed to match in traditional suits and sombrero hats. A Mariachi band is perfect for a travel-themed wedding or multicultural wedding. You can even hire them to play covers of modern songs. Your guests would have a lot of fun and laughter with this one.
If you’re a couple in the UK looking to hire a band for a wedding, you’re in the right place. Here at Music8 Agency, your wedding’s entertainment is our passion. So why not look through our bands for hire page and make a choice? You’ll be glad you did.

Article written by Rose Marie


Jazz Bands for Weddings



The music at your wedding is as important as the food. It’ll uplift the atmosphere, help with conversations and make your wedding party memorable. If there is one genre of music that does this phenomenally, it is jazz music. Jazz music is soothing, sophisticated and has enough versatility to make your day special.
Having jazz music played by a live band at your event, now that’s something even better. The way they’d be able to carry the crowd along with them while setting the perfect tone for every aspect of your celebration would be mesmerising. It would certainly appeal to your guests.
Couples here in the UK sometimes wonder if it’s a good idea to hire a Jazz band for their wedding. We’re here to tell you it’s a decision you won’t regret. And we’re not just saying this because we have countless jazz bands for hire all over the UK. Check out the following advantages you’ll get if you hire a jazz band for your wedding and see how much you’ll love them.

  • First, what is Jazz?

Jazz is one of the most versatile musical genres. With lots of influence from African American culture, West African music, Afro-Cuban habanera and the blues, it has many styles. The name “Jazz”, is likely linked to a word which interprets as, energy. So, you can bet that Jazz can crank up the spirits at your wedding party.
One thing that is popular with Jazz is that it can be improvised. That means even when you hire a jazz band to sing a particular song, and your friend does the same, they will both sound different. That brings an element of uniqueness to your wedding as you can know that your music will be one of a kind.
We know how important Jazz bands are to weddings here at Music8 Agency. That’s why we’ve made available many jazz bands for hire on our website. That way, you can get one to spice things up at your event no matter where you are in the UK. All you have to do is give us a call. With that being said, here are some more great reasons why you should hire a jazz band for your wedding.

  • The Music Is Calming

Did you know that there are studies showing that listening to slow-paced music is fantastic for relaxation? It also helps a lot with stress. Now picture listening to calm jazz music after your ceremony at the start of your reception. It’ll be the perfect tool to help you and your guests unwind. By the time that is done, you’ll have just the right amount of energy and zeal needed to get up and have a great time on the dancefloor.

  • Jazz Music Is Great for Interaction

Every couple secretly dreads having a wedding where your guests are seated in silence, and things are awkward. It’s the reason why people come up with wedding games and other fun events. Get this, Jazz music can aid with that too. According to research carried out at John Hopkins University, up-tempo Jazz songs stimulate the part of the brain responsible for language and communication.
So, if you hire a Jazz band and have them play in the background during your reception dinner, it’ll be great. You’ll be ensuring that you all will have lots of conversations, fun and laughter. That means that just by talking to us about our jazz bands for hire, you’ve taken a significant step towards the success of your wedding.

  • Jazz Music Will Make Your Wedding Memorable

Jazz music will ensure that you have an unforgettable wedding. When we say this, we don’t just mean that your wedding will be so awesome that your guests won’t forget it. You’ll have that certainly. However, along with that, Jazz music has been proven to have a stimulating effect on memories. So, if you hire a jazz band for your wedding, your guests are sure to remember the fun they had with you long after your celebration. Wouldn’t you love that? We know we would.
So, what do you say? Are you ready to give your wedding guests a chance at listening to music that is great for their mental and physical health? With Jazz music, not only will you have a great celebration, you’ll be improving yourself and your guests too. Why not check our jazz bands for hire page and reach out to us? We would love to hear from you. Contact us today!

Vintage swing band for hire

Looking to Book a Wedding Singer or a Wedding Musician?


Wedding saxophonist

A wedding isn’t a wedding without the perfect live wedding band or wedding singers to make it become a reality. If you are thinking about hiring the perfect wedding musician or singer to help build the wedding day of your dreams then take a look through the artists available at Music8. When booking your wedding suppliers like photographers, caterers and especially wedding musicians it’s important to consider lots of options and to book them with plenty of time to spare –Singers and musicians can only work on one wedding a day so make sure it’s your day and not someone else’s. You’re ready to book your wedding suppliers, make sure your live music is the first things you tick off your li

​What should I look for in a wedding musician?
You could add a touch of sophistication to your wedding day and hire a string quartet. It’s perfect for your family and friends while they are waiting for the ceremony to start. A string quartet would also be a good idea for your drinks reception. Another option for a wedding musician would be a harpist which would add a touch of elegance to the occasion.
Other options for wedding musicians are saxophonists; they are very versatile and can perform at the ceremony or later in the evening.

How about a solo acoustic artist

An acoustic artist is a great choice for a wedding, with the flexibility to move from one area to another quickly and being able to set up their equipment in no time. If, you are on a tight budget a solo artist will offer great entertainment at a reasonable price. An acoustic artist will have a large repertoire of songs to choose from covering many genres so there will be something there for everyone. You could even go with an acoustic duo which would involve a guitarist as well as a vocalist.

Solo wedding singer

You can always go with the popular solo singer who would be a perfect choice for the ceremony or drinks reception. There is a vast choice of styles and genres to choose from like opera to pop and rock. They can also perform in the evenings and again with a large repertoire of songs to hand they will provide a great evening’s entertainment. A solo wedding singer will sing with quality backing tracks.

How about a vintage singer

A vintage singer will carry out a stunning collection of captivating classics from bygone ages, along with modern-day classics in a retro Style; these vocalists can construct the best environment for your glamorous vintage-style wedding event. Whether you select the class of the ’20s, the love of the ’40s or the ’50s, a vintage vocalist will wow your guests with a variety of popular retro music, and lots of will even wear the designs of the age they’re representing. You can select from rock-and-roll, jazz, or a harmony trio!

​Ever thought about a singing waiter?

A singing waiter or waiters usually disguise themselves as a waiter serving drinks and food and then when know body expects it they will burst into song and have everybody join in. This usually occurs just after the meal and is a great choice for a surprise for the guests.
These are just a few options to consider when booking wedding singers and wedding musicians there are plenty more options at Music8 Agency.


3 Easy Ways to Have A Unique Wedding


3 ways

Every couple wants to have a perfect wedding. Here at Music8 Agency, we believe that you can. You deserve to walk down the aisle and say your “I dos” on a magical and memorable day. Those moments will stay with you as the years go by, and your relationship grows stronger.
Having a celebration that highlights your personality as a couple is essential. If you want your wedding to be great, then you must make it unique. Your guests should feel closer to you and go home with wonderful memories of your event. With the right planning and ideas, you can achieve that.
If you’re a couple planning your wedding, we’d first like to say congratulations!!! Finding someone who you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with is beautiful. You deserve to have a fantastic wedding ceremony, and we have some ideas on how you can achieve that. So, please grab a cup of relaxing tea, take a seat and let’s talk about three ways to have a unique wedding ceremony.

  • Choose A Beautiful Location

Your wedding venue does not have to be the one with the highest price. Yes, a good wedding venue might cost a little more, but price is not the determining factor for awesomeness. As a start, your venue should be a place that you both love. You’ll be linked to it for the rest of your lives so you should, at the very least, like it. It should also be a place that complements your wedding theme. If you have an outdoor wedding, for instance, a ballroom venue is the wrong place to choose.
For a unique wedding, the best idea is somewhere of significance. If the restaurant where you had your first date can host a wedding, consider that. Or maybe the church you both attended as kids? It will add a personal note to your celebration. Above all, choose a beautiful place. Your wedding venue will affect the atmosphere at your celebration, and you want that to be beautiful.  

  • Write Your Own Wedding Vows

If you’re having a religious ceremony, this one might not apply to you. In some denominations, you have to say the traditional vows. You could, however, include it in your reception as a brief speech if you like this idea.
If you’re not having a religious ceremony, definitely write your own wedding vows. They make your celebration more emotional and unique. Hearing the love of your life say how you mean so much to them can be very magical. There are sure to be a few tears shed and don’t forget to have a few laughs in the moment too.

  • Pick Meaningful Songs

Music is a crucial requirement for a great wedding. Your entire wedding should be embraced by music. Choosing songs that are meaningful to your relationship is a great way to add personality to your wedding. Your wedding singer or band won’t mind the input as they’re always striving to make your celebration special.
Talk to them about the songs for special moments like your walk down the aisle, first dance and parent-child dances. Don’t be afraid to tell them if they’re any songs you would rather not hear too. It is your special day, and your wishes are paramount. 
Here at Music8 Agency, we know how important your wedding celebration is. That’s why we provide the best wedding bands for hire and wedding singers too. If you’re having your wedding in the UK and you’re looking for entertainers, you should reach out to us. Contact us today!!!

Blog by Anne Marie